Mobilegeddon and what you need to know about it

Hello friends! Today I want to discuss a little more about the recent change that startled the world of SEO and website owners around the globe alike. Of course, I am talking about the latest Google update aimed towards mobile optimization of web pages (or lack thereof). The update started rolling out on April 21st and was believed to continue throughout the whole week so we are just in the final stages where we can have a more objective outlook of its consequences. So lets see what we have learned so far and what conclusions we can draw from that.



Tips and Tricks for Buying an Expired Domain

Hello, hello, long time – no see! Welcome to another episode of our Tips and Tricks series. I know it took a while for this one but don’t think for a second that the wait was due to the lack of entertaining and useful information. The last few months here were very busy and everyone in our team had to pitch in and help with the exciting innovations we introduced. So the minute I had some spare time I knew – it was time for a new Tips and Tricks.



Penguin 3.0 seems to finally be here! Some useful information to consider.

For the last few days the marketing forums are buzzing like an overpopulated bee hive and SEO’s around the world are gossiping about the major changes that seem to be around the corner. Namely, the arrival of the long-awaited update of the Penguin algorithm, version 3.0. As usual the Google High Council is still keeping quiet about it but the fluctuations that have been observed for the last couple of days are too unusual to be considered “normal”. I also double-checked on some websites I’ve been observing and although they did not experience any major changes, the sites around them have shuffled a lot. Too much to be blamed on normal algorithm circumstances… (more…)


Take your website SEO and Security into Consideration – Go HTTPS

Days are passing by and the Internet is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. We communicate online, shop online, pay our bills online, spend most of our time on the Internet, work or have fun using various web-based applications, social networks and e-mails, e-banking, etc.

And despite the boom in online sales, a surprisingly significant number of users still believe that the Internet is a dangerous place and thus they prefer to shop and submit payments „face to face” in real offices and local shops. (more…)


Google embraces WordPress with their first plugin – Google Publisher

There was a gossip and commotion a few days ago, following the official release of Google’s first plugin for WordPress – Google Publisher (you can check it here). I intentionally waited a couple of days, for the initial fuss to die down before I gave it a try, so I can focus on its value instead of empty praises or criticism. So let’s start from the beginning – what is this new venture from the Big G? (more…)


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