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SiteWit: the SEO Brain for Your Small Business Website

The importance of online visibility for any business is undeniable in this day and age where the primary source of information is the Internet and specifically, Search Engines. If you think about how you are looking for a product and service, you will most probably think of Google, Bing or Yahoo first. As your hosting partner, we at WebHostFace want you to increase your profits by helping you become more visible to the users who are looking for you online. Cue SiteWit.

What is SiteWit and how does it work?

Created in 2007, SiteWit is the product of founder and CEO Ricardo Lasa and Chief Scientist Donald Berndt Ph.D. The tool was inspired by their extensive research and work with search engine marketing and its goal was to be an automated, inexpensive, and easy-to-use tool. It is described as a “brain” for your small business website site, which takes only 5 minutes to set up, yet significantly optimizes your online marketing approach on a daily basis.

Sitewit automatically measures engagement and predicts conversions, using 100% of the traffic to the site for optimization and not just the 2% of visitors that convert. This allows Sitewit to provide a much more comprehensive understanding of what content and marketing strategies are working best and demonstrate how to fix those that are not useful.

The unique SiteWit engine looks at how users engage with your website and then uses that data to run almost 100,000 mathematical solutions for your marketing campaigns. This ensures that your online marketing budget will be used effectively to target customers who have a higher chance to purchase a product or service on your website – an optimization which is impossible to do by hand.

Why should you use SiteWit?

SiteWit is a do-it-yourself tool because who knows your business better than you. It optimization engine allows you to clearly communicate your services, products, and goals so you can effectively market yourself while saving yourself the expenses for SEO consultants and marketing agencies.
With their free next-generation website analytics, SiteWit makes it easy for you to understand your website visitors, create offers and generate business information to create ads targeted to not just an anonymous visitors on the web, but your actual potential customers.
This cutting edge tool lets you not only generate keywords and ads to drive more qualified customers to your site but also uses engagement analytics scores to determine who are those visitors and fuel that score for engine optimization.

How to use it with my WebHostFace account?

We are happy to announce our partnership with SiteWit and its integration in our hosting account control panels. Just with a click, you can activate SiteWit and get access to a personalized dashboard through which you can start building your marketing strategies. The SiteLock activation is completely free and You can install our engagement metrics and begin seeing the results at no cost. You only pay if you wish to see more in-depth reports. Marketing packages start at $50 per month and are completely optional.

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