Alternative Social Networks for your Offline Marketing Strategy

Hey Guys and Gals, gurus and ninjas! Your trusted guide in the world of Marketing and SEO is here again. This time we will delve into the world of social networks and see which ones might be a great idea to add to our marketing efforts. I would like to take a slightly different approach here and focus on some popular types of businesses and the lesser known social channels they can incorporate to help their brand. But before I do that let’s spare a little time to discuss the big tycoons… (more…)


The new Facebook ‘Legacy Contact’ or Who will you trust with your account post-mortem?

The digitalization of our era always brings interesting issues that our moms and dads have certainly never had to think about. One of those that I have encountered a few times already is how to properly transfer your online life and assets in the grim possibility of your untimely death. While there are some good and some not-so-good suggestions thrown around, Facebook decided to make a firm step in that direction and just this last Thursday introduced the new Legacy Contact feature. (more…)


7 Pinterest Tips for Advanced Users

So you already know how to create a Pinterest profile and some basic tips and tricks from my previous article. In this new installment of my Pinterest tips we are going to explore a more advanced approach aimed mainly at business profiles but applicable of course to personal accounts as well. (more…)

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Skyrocket your business into orbit with Google+

Have you thought of using Google+ to boost your business presence? I bet you haven’t. To tell you the truth I also hadn’t thought about until recently.

The fact to the matter is, however, that Google+ is a fast growing social media with lots of potential and better capabilities than LinkedIn when it comes to branding, promoting and marketing your business. (more…)


Is Google + dead, dying or just the opposite?

Now that spring is technically over and the leisure season is slowly settling in, Google celebrated Google + ‘s 3rd birthday by rolling out updates to their Searche Engine Result Pages (SERPs), Google + Local Pages, Google Drive and YouTube. Some of these changes lead people to believe that the big G is trying to kill Google +, others are saying that it is already dead, and there is yet another group who thinks that this will help boost it forward. (more…)