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It’s February. Aside from Chinese New Year, the Worlds Human spirit day, February is also home to Valentine’s Day. That’s right, whether you’re single or not, Valentine’s Day surrounds us all, no matter if we like it or not.

If you will be responsible for giving a Valentine this year, and flowers and chocolate just won’t do it for you, try something technological or geeky this time.  Let everyone else crowd in the candy shops mid-February. You are the DIY type. You’re also crafty little nerd who loves pixel designs. Am I at least getting warmer? (more…)


Happy Thanksgiving for the Treasured people that we have met

(Note: This blog post assumes you’re in or from the U.S. and celebrate Thanksgiving.)

“Gobble, gobble,” went the turkey

in his quirky chirping way.

“Gobble, gobble,” went the turkey

up until Thanksgiving Day.


“Gobble, gobble,” went the turkey

till we turned the oven on.

Gobble, gobble went the turkey.

Now the turkey’s (gobble) gone.


–Kenn Nesbitt (more…)


Because Hosting Matters!

Its that time of year again, and as summer comes to an end, so is our Summer promo. But don’t be sad as we have prepared something a lot more tempting for you. Even though some have probably taken longer vacations to soak in the last summer days, others are working even more intensively. The WebHostFace development and marketing teams are always hard at work, developing innovative ways to make clients’ lives easier. Over the course of the sunny season we gave you hints about the extra services cooking right after our Summer Sale promo is over. So if you happen to be one of those WebHostFace real fans you can’t have missed the results of our hard summer work. (more…)


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