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How to Expand your E-commerce marketing with Pinterest and Flipboard

The world we live in is constantly changing. Once upon a time people were going to the shops to see what was offered and bought magazines to follow the latest trends. Then, online stores revolutionized the way people shopped and nowadays you can buy everything online (yeah, even a wife) and save some time in the process.

Magazines have come a great way too, from the glossy paper booklets filled with perfume samples and skinny models, through the online versions of the same thing, save the perfume samples, to the interactive social magazines of today.

Yeah, interactive online magazines like Pinterest and Flipboard have changed the way the game is played and it is time you got on the bandwagon. Social media give users the ability to both create their own magazines and to share and like products.

What separates Pinterest and Flipboard from the other social media is the fact that your product is not simply an image with text, it’s an interactive product listing with all the needed information. It can contain price, availability, features, recipe ingredients, maps with points of interest for a tour or а cruise, and of course a link where people can order your product or service.

What makes it better is the virability of such a product listing. When people like your product or add it to their magazines/collections, your product will be shown to their friends, colleagues, family members and followers, expanding your reach tenfold.

Starting with Pinterest is easy, all you have to do is configure your Rich Pins, create some boards/collections for your different products and services and fill them with content. Don’t forget to socialize with others and comment on their boards and pins –  communication is key. Creating a map board with Pinterest with location based services is amazingly useful especially for tourism or just to show the world where you went on your latest trip.

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Flipboard is more magazine-orientated as users literally create magazines with magazine-like layout. When putting something on your Flipboard magazine you can specify if it is a product and add product information like price or category. You can share your magazine easily and even embed it on your website. It looks amazing on mobile devices as well.

Both social media sites share the same theme and allow for people to get close to your business and interact with your products and services. In the era of mobilegeddons and beautiful imagery, they provide amazing responsiveness and layout for desktop and mobile and even a not so tech-savvy person can have its own professional-looking magazine.

Reaching a lot of people all over the world and making your products and services look more appealing than ever is what every online shop owner is looking for. Don’t hesitate to expand your online marketing with Pinterest and Flipboard, other people are doing it. According to the GlobalWebIndex, Pinterest is the fastest growing social medium out there with 97% growth in the last year, so what are you waiting for?

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