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The Power of Business Websites

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you hear someone talk about “business websites”?

Making money?

Sure, that is one thing. But the reasons for creating and keeping a website for your company can often be far more complex.

Everyone is online nowadays. Over half of the world’s population is connected to the Web – browsing, learning, meeting new people, shopping. So many of the mundane, everyday things we used to do, can now be done in the virtual world. And the numbers just keep on growing…

Let’s make one thing clear – if you are a business, you NEED to be online and the easiest way is to have a professional business website!

It doesn’t really matter if you are making directly selling goods or not – your main goal is to build a brand image and a positive online reputation. You have to be informative, you have to be memorable, you have to establish your company’s name as a pillar in your niche. And this all starts with a website…

Types of Business Websites

Building your first company page you have to start with a question:

What is my goal with this website?

The answer to this question will lay the foundation of your brand’s online image. Depending on the purpose they serve, company sites can be put into four distinct categories.

1. The eCommerce site

Ecommerce websites exist for the sole reason of trading your products/services and generating revenue. Regardless if you are selling golden watches, bead necklaces, or the latest fashion trends – there are people online that want to buy. You just have to find and connect to them.

Here is where a business website comes to the stage.

Having an eCommerce website is just like having a brick and mortar shop. You put your products on display and hope to find the right buyers. But unlike any brick and mortar shop, you can connect with people all over the world which significantly increases your chances to make a sale.

You can be like eBay and sell a lot of products or focus your efforts on a single one. Just make sure you are online.

2. The Corporate site

Some businesses prefer to pursue the ultimate goal of online recognition. They want to get potential clients familiar with the brand and establish a reputable name in the niche.

Corporate business websites focus mainly on content. Whether it is purely visual or textual – content is what drives the traffic in.

Added value” is the keyword here.

Instead of pushing and promoting a sale, corporate sites look to captivate the user with well-presented information and stunning visuals. Once the company establishes a name in their industry, they can easily build loyal and lasting relationships with the clients.

3. The Portfolio site

Visual-driven businesses find great value in portfolio pages. They serve as a digital business card and get everyone acquainted with your work. This can prove to be a great deal, especially if you are an individual trying to get yourself seen out there without the help of a powerful agency behind you.

Clean, uncluttered designs are trending in portfolio websites. Businesses are abandoning the concept of heavy imagery and tons of unnecessary features in favor of fast-loading, visually appealing pages.

If you want to wow the crowd in 2019 – less is more!

4. The Support site

Large enterprises and digital service providers often have to provide post-sales support to their customers. Whether it’s in the form of videos, tutorials, knowledge base, or live assistance, support websites strengthen the bond between company and client.

People love to be pampered – it’s just in our nature.

Most businesses are facing fierce competition so every competitive advantage matters. Excellent support can be found as often as a four-leaf clover so the future still holds a lot of opportunities for this type of business pages.

The Ideal Business Website

If you want to impress your visitors and make them keep coming back for more, your business site has to be up-to-par with their expectations.

But what are they looking for?

Speed is definitely a top priority for business websites. We live our lives on fast forward and cannot afford to lose a second. This very much applies to business websites. Every second lost online can result in:

– 7% less conversions
– 11% less pageviews
– 16% less client satisfaction

Security is another hot topic that inevitably emerges when talking about the Internet expansion. A website cannot just serve the needs of its owner – it has to also protect the rights of its visitors.

It all starts with the reliable host!

A great hosting provider addresses all client concerns and lets a business focus on what’s most important – improving their products and services. Your host should be able to understand your project and its specific needs so they can ensure an optimized environment that will let it flourish. Last, but certainly not least:

A great host doesn’t need to cost a fortune!

The WebHostFace Team understands how hard it is to establish a business nowadays so we found a way to maximize the quality without skyrocketing the prices. Quite the contrary – our entry level fees are less than the price of a good meal and the growth possibilities are endless.

Check out our current amazing deals for business sites or contact our Support Team to tell us more about your project.

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    Websites have become the gateway to any business now-d-days. The immediate response to hearing about a business is to immediately check online. And the first impression always has it’s impact for a long time. I remember closing a site off because it took too long to respond and never went back again. Nice article, Hristo. You’ve covered them all.

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