Face our Movember Moustaches

No-shave November is almost over and we are ready to share our experiences of our office laziness marathon. We wanted to start a tradition and see who can go through the whole month the longest without shaving, after all, it’s the only time of the year men can get away with no shaving, right? (more…)


Baby Eco Steps

Being a brand new web hosting company puts a lot of pressure on our shoulders since we have to prove how reliable and awesome we are and it can be tiring at times. That is why most of us like going to the countryside during their spare time and cool off by some river or somewhere in the woods with friends. And being that we love nature so much, we have a strict set of rules during work hours to help preserve it the way it is for longer. Although we can’t be doing some flashy massive events or projects to help protect the environment just yet, we are certain that even the smallest of efforts, baby eco steps,  concerning this, are a must and can have a huge impact. (more…)


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