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Baby Eco Steps

Being a brand new web hosting company puts a lot of pressure on our shoulders since we have to prove how reliable and awesome we are and it can be tiring at times. That is why most of us like going to the countryside during their spare time and cool off by some river or somewhere in the woods with friends. And being that we love nature so much, we have a strict set of rules during work hours to help preserve it the way it is for longer. Although we can’t be doing some flashy massive events or projects to help protect the environment just yet, we are certain that even the smallest of efforts, baby eco steps,  concerning this, are a must and can have a huge impact.

The ideas what we can do are countless and every single one of us is excited to help with whatever to make our community and even the whole world, if you will, a better place to live. We know we can’t do everything at once, and that it will require a lot of time and effort, so we have started off with some local actions to get us going in the right direction. The green idea has even inspired several of our colleagues to come to work with their bicycles and others are in charge of taking the paper waste, we collect in special containers around the office, to a recycling center. The awesome part about is that everybody does it because they want to do it, not because they are made to do it. Let’s face it, using real plates and cutlery instead of plastic ones or buying and using recyclable paper bags instead of nylon ones is fun and absolutely rewarding.

It might sound comical but we even take care not to leave any lamps, computers, printers or the water cooler on when nobody is needing them – everything is turned off. And to top everything, we came up with probably the cleverest idea for punishment of our employees ever – making them bring and plant trees in the office yard, when they “misbehave”, skip a deadline or don’t follow the rules constantly. 🙂 It’s like killing two birds with one stone because it’s a fun and engaging way to promote discipline and responsibility, most people need the exercise anyway and the environment sure benefits the most.

So stay tuned, we promise to bring you more of these updates on what we are doing environmental-wise, probably some paparazzi pictures of people planting trees or cycling to work 😉 and lots more entertaining Eco-friendly initiatives.

Stefan Staykov

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