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Face our Movember Moustaches

No-shave November is almost over and we are ready to share our experiences of our office laziness marathon. We wanted to start a tradition and see who can go through the whole month the longest without shaving, after all, it’s the only time of the year men can get away with no shaving, right?

Since most of our staff are men, we decided that Movember will not only lighten the mood but it will also be a fun way to raise awareness about prostate cancer, as well as other cancers associated with men. And we hope that this will encourage more men to go and get themselves checked up like we did.

As the popularity of Movember grows, so does the creativity of everyone participating. From simple mustaches to more extravagant styles of facial hair, you can see it all, and it makes us more than happy to know that more and more people are joining the Movember community every year. I personally saw lots of women with fake beards online supporting it and this made my heart skip a beat.

We had some nice styles in the office, too, but not everyone managed to go through the whole month without shaving. Nevertheless, you can see some pictures of the people who persevered and decide for yourself. Not everyone can be winners, after all.

Movember @ WebHostFace

If you want to be an all-around awesome member of the Movember club, I can give you some guidelines to follow for next year and if you like maybe for every year afterwards.

  1. Get rid of everything that can even remotely remind you of shaving. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ the old people say and they are right. This can help you go through it easily, especially when the itchiness commences. Which brings us to my second point.

  2. You should do everything in your power to withstand the scratching and irritation for at least a couple of days until it subsides. Just keep reminding yourself you are doing it for the right cause and think of something else.

  3. Pay no attention to criticism. Even as the month approaches its end and you have probably gotten more and more scruffier, remember that you are looking cool and you are doing something incredible for the greater good.

  4. Make it a contest by convincing your best buds to not shave, too, and have some fun taking pictures of your beards, comparing them and hosting an award ceremony. Make sure you have awards for everyone like: Coolest beard, Best trim and so on. A little competition never heard anybody.

  5. When the month is gone and you are almost ready to shave everything off, you can try some crazy stuff like braiding or cutting your facial hair in bizarre shapes. When else are u going to have the chance to experiment with such long a beard or mustache? No one needs to see, but you, and you can shave it all after that. Come one, I know you want to.

Till next year!

Stefan Staykov

He might strike you as exceptionally vain at first but behind all that front there is a really nice and friendly person who is ready to help you even if he can't. Stefan's also a huge computer games fan and loves going to the movies or just staying at home to watch his favourite TV series.

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