WebHostFace goes Pink!

WebHostFace goes Pink!

Being the leading cause of cancer deaths among women worldwide, early detection of breast cancer can significantly improve the chances of survival and is the cornerstone of breast cancer control. Raising the awareness, concerning the disease and the benefits of its early detection is vital.

A quarter of a century ago AstraZeneca was instrumental in the founding of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and each October charities across the globe focus their efforts on raising awareness and funds. With a goal to provide education for breast cancer prevention, to research better ways for tumor detection and treatment, and to ensure greater access to screening services.

As people, who have had either close friends, or family who have suffered from some form of cancer, it is only natural that we will be participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year. We have created special banners so that anyone who feels like participating with us can do so by sharing them either on their website or on their social profiles. Feel free to set one up on your site today to remind your site visitors that it’s the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Help us spread the word out and hopefully more women will go and get tested or just learn about the disease. Knowledge is power.

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