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Happy Chinese New Year!Happy New Server Location!

It’s Chinese New Year! That means, on January 31, the Year of the Fire Snake will officially slither away as we ring in the Year of the Wood Horse.

The industries that are predicted to do well this year are those associated with the wood element, including education, healthcare, and agriculture, as well as those that fall under fire, such as marketing, entertainment, and (of course), social media. Personally, I am getting to like this Chinese horsey. For those who don’t know their yin from their yang or who haven’t visited a Chinese astrologist recently- we have better news for you- we offer web hosting packages that will be hosted in the Asian- Pacific Region.

2013 was a remarkable year for WebHostFace. We not only started from scratch, offering our customers a completely new product on the market- WebHostFace, but we also introduced our first non- US server location in Europe. After a serious research, the best spot to guarantee top loading speed and reasonable prices for all the Europeans appeared to be Amsterdam, the Netherlands. So we wasted no precious time to choose it as a starting point of our multilocation server expansion. Adding a second location to our setup was a big change and yet huge challenge for us, but it was worth the efforts- now our European customers benefit of a geographically closer servers to address their European website visitors needs.

So after the lessons we learned from challenge this made us even more convinced in out strengths. Needless to say, we’re proud that folks around the world love our service. We have always appreciated the feedback send from our customers, their suggestions and friendly ideas. Thus we could not miss following their raising need for providing them the server location they needed- the one that will offer high quality service for the hosting users both from Asia and from Australia.

Since it was high about time to announce the launch of our new server location in Singapore , we could not find better year than the 2014- the year of the Horse. As one of the symbols in the Chinesezodiac, the horse in Chinese culture is equated with Gemini, and represents practicality, love, endurance, devotion and stability. The perfect way to show our endless love and devotion to our customers with stable and reliable server environment in one of the best Datacenters- Softlayer. With direct connections to our San Jose and Los Angeles connections, you can now leverage SoftLayer’s leading, high-speed network to connect to our facilities — and your users and operations — around the world with unparalleled speed and dependability.

Yes, but why Singapore?

We did our research well. Being a tech hub in Asia, Singapore has superb internet connectivity to Asia and most parts of the world. In a report published by Bloomberg in January, “Where to Find the World’s Fastest Internet”, Singapore was ranked number 10 with an average of 30.7 megabits per second. Yes, we do believe in numbers and we were quite convinced by the huge potential this destination has.

So today, we are extremely excited to announce that after all this careful consideration, setup and fine tuning, our new Asia-Pasific server location in Singapore is ready to accommodate new customers. All of our prospect customers from the Asia-Pacific Region are welcome to choose whether their new shared hosting account will be hosted in our European datacenter center or in our new Asia-Pacific data center in Singapore. That is not all- you may choose your VPS or Dedicated Server Location as well. Want to run your own server in Asia-Pacific? Yes, that is possible with WebHostFace. Current customer of WebHostFace and you dream about switching to Asia- Pacific? Yes, we will relocate you free of charge!

Because service always comes with a smiling face!

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