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WebHostFace Managed WordPress Hosting Is Released!

According to latest data, WordPress is used for over 27% of all websites on the internet. With its open accessibility, user-friendly interface, added functionality, and massive online community, WordPress is easily the most popular and preferred website building tool. That is why in the last several months, we at WebHostFace have been focusing our efforts in developing a unique hosting service exclusively for WordPress websites. Today we are happy to launch our very own fully managed WordPress hosting package.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Before going into details about the WebHostFace Managed WordPress plan, let’s define what exactly is managed WordPress hosting and clear some common misconceptions about the term.

If you research hosting providers, you will notice that most of them feature a “WordPress Hosting” page on their websites. This, however, doesn’t always mean Managed WordPress hosting, but rather a regular shared hosting plan, which can also accommodate WordPress, is not necessarily any different than the basic hosting account, and also doesn’t include support, covering more than the regular hosting-related questions.

We understand Managed WordPress differently. The hosting package should be not only suitable to maintain WordPress websites but created especially to get the best out of the application’s performance, while at the same time avoiding potential vulnerabilities. Managed WordPress is a hosting package created entirely for WordPress by people who know it inside and out, who have experienced first-hand its functionality, mechanisms, and potential problems and use this knowledge to help you build, maintain and squeeze the best out of your websites.

What are the benefits of managed WordPress hosting?

A good managed WordPress hosting provider can contribute enormously to the success of your websites. First and foremost, relying on a team, who is proficient in all things WordPress and at your disposal, will save you the time to search online for answers and the money to hire a third-party WordPress specialist. This means that you can focus all your efforts on creating your content and handling your business.

WordPress is popular with its optimization and ability to work on various server setups. However, the application comes with certain unique characteristics. When you host your website on an environment specially created for WordPress, you are sure to increase your performance, security, and speed. In the current day and age, where loading speed is essential for visitor and client count, as well as Google’s ranking, this is a benefit you need to definitely consider.

The huge number of WordPress-powered websites on the internet makes the application a target of exploits, which are specific for the software. That is why, in order to get maximum protection for your website, you need an environment, which is secured against these specific WordPress exploits. Chances are, standard hosting accounts cover only some of those, but an ultimate managed WordPress hosting package should include both server-side and account-level patches for vulnerabilities unique to WordPress.

Do I need Managed WordPress Hosting?

Every WordPress user can benefit from hosting their site on a managed WordPress package, regardless of whether they start a new site or maintain a fully functional one. If you are new to WordPress, the personal management by trained and experienced professional will help you build your site times faster than if you had to look through thousands of tutorials. Whenever you come across a bump in the road, you can rely on competent answers and advice which is just a ticket away, instead of browsing through google searches and countless forums. This will help you learn faster and launch your project ahead of schedule.

If you already have your WordPress site up and running, the switch to WebHostFace managed WordPress hosting will boost your performance, security, and reliability as you will rely on a platform designed specifically for the application and able to handle much more than a regular hosting account.

Let’s not forget WordPress-oriented designers and developers. Unlike other types of hosting, WordPress managed hosting includes and is optimized to handle specific tools, created to smooth your workflow. This facilitates the development process and makes potential mishaps easily reversible.

How is WebHostFace Managed WordPress Hosting different?

We at WebHostFace have always prioritized our customer and technical support service, with a commitment to go beyond the hosting-related questions and provide efficiency and optimal customer experience. WebHostFace Managed WordPress hosting takes this commitment a step further by designating a personal WP assistant for each user. Every customer on the managed package is assigned a real-life WordPress professional, whose job is to know the specifics of your website and help you through any particular requirements and questions you might have. This unique service includes not only basic troubleshooting, but devoted guidance, manual security audits, and help with your search engine optimizations.

If you move from another host, your WordPress assistant will manually transfer your website. Unlike transfers performed with a WordPress migration plugin, hands-on relocation by a professional will personally ensure all your data and settings are transmitted correctly and any potential discrepancies are smoothed over right away.

The majority of managed WordPress hosting packages on the market limit your control in order to ensure security and performance. Thanks to our one-of-a-kind server setup we can deliver reliability and speed without limiting your control or sacrificing your site’s extended functionality. While most managed WordPress providers will limit the plugins you can use, we give you the complete freedom to install any plugin you wish. What is more, WebHostFace clients get discounts on premium plugins and themes, courtesy of our trusted WordPress partners.

Another convenience which sets apart WebHostFace Managed WordPress hosting from similar packages is that you can manage your account through cPanel. Unlike most providers, that restrict you to a limited custom management page, with us, you can take advantage of the convenience and abundant features of the most popular hosting control panel on the hosting market. Add or remove free SSL or CDN, create unlimited number of FTP accounts, manage your databases, add or remove new domains – all this is just a click or two away.

And what is a successful online project without an email or a contact form? Our managed WordPress hosting plans come with the opportunity to create an unlimited number of email accounts with your domains, so you can establish professional communication with your visitors and clients.

The benefits of using the most popular application to build your website are countless in every aspect – from ease-of-use to optimization for search engines. But in order to take full advantage of them, you need a hosting solution, which will squeeze all these benefits out of WordPress, and enforce them in a way that will skyrocket your project.

I hope this article was useful to you, feel free to check our Managed WordPress hosting solution, ask a question or a leave your thoughts in the comments below, and share it with people who might take advantage of the benefits Managed WordPress can provide.

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