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WebHostFace adds Google Apps Wizard to the basket of goodies!

Summer might be known as the Vacation Season but in the WebHostFace office it seems to be the Season of Novelties. After our exciting additions of SiteApps,CloudFlare and Canva in our cPanels previous month, we are proud to introduce the integration of Google Apps Wizard for the convenience of our customers. This should come as a great aid for both individuals and businesses, providing a series of applications aimed to improve organization, management and of course, most of all, easy access anytime and anywhere.

Google Apps for your business

Google Apps is a cloud-based service that provides a customizable version of some Google products, allowing users to tailor them according to their needs. All this is stored online so people can have constant access to it from any location with an Internet connection.  Google servers are used for the storage so one can feel safer knowing that their information would have the same level of security as the search engine giant itself. Users have plenty of options at their disposal – Mail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts etc. Sharing documents have never been easier. Multiple users can work on a document which can be viewed in real-time and if you don’t like the changes made, you can always revert to an old, archived copy. Speaking of which, you can skip the tension of losing your data and constant saving as your content is automatically saved every few seconds. Don’t like Ads? Just switch them off with a simple click of the mouse. You are constantly on your phone? Good, because mobile usage has never been easier. Want to have a website too? Easy! With the comprehensive sitebuilder provided you can build your site without writing a single line of code. The list can go on forever, really. I will just top it all off with the technical support , friendly forum community and tons of useful tutorials and FAQs that will be your dedicated guide in this new venture.

Google Apps  and WebHostFace

Google Apps Wizard cPanel

Our existing customers already see (and some even use) the Google Apps in our neatly structured cPanels. We have placed a convenient Apps  icon under the Mail section and the setup goes through just 3 steps, ready in under a minute. Just keep in mind that as the setup requires a change of the CNAME records of your domain, there is a short propagation time of up to 24 hours afterwards but usually it takes much less than that. Our helpful Support Team can even help you with the process if you don’t feel you have the time or confidence to do it yourself.

There isn’t any need to pinpoint you the numerous benefits of the Apps tho, because I do believe most of you are already well aware of them. Millions of people already use GMail, Google Drive, Calendar and the likes. There is no need to preach to the converted, you already know how cool they are, so join us today and start using Google Apps with your domain. Its APPSolutely marvellous. 🙂

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