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SiteApps and WebHostFace are now buddies!

Exciting news guys and gals – after some talks and consideration we are proud to announce our new partnership with one of the big names in the web applications industry – SiteApps. Being a web hosting company that wants to easily get small and medium businesses off the ground, we just felt that what SiteApps provides comes very close to our aims and beliefs. In fact, their services were viewed as such a great boost to those intentions that we would’ve been fools not to take advantage of it.

How will this benefit You?

There are many aspects in which the SiteApps can prove to be valuable for your business. For starters it can help you sell more – after all this is our main goal, right? Some of the applications provided can help you track customer behavior, emotions, keep an eye for events, help visitor navigation and make their experience more pleasing overall. The increasing trends in mobile usage are also taken in mind – with SiteApps you can create a smooth mobile version of your website, while keeping your existing content and images. Talk about a time-saver. How about the long and tiring task of establishing and popularizing your brand? There is an abundance of interesting options you can take to be more visible and well-liked in the social media channels. You can go for floating social network buttons, various widgets to connect to FaceBook, Google+, Instagram, there is even a cute Twitter Bird app that can help increase your visibility in this chatter network. Like that’s not enough, you can also throw some simple enhancements in the mix, like a site translator or a notification header bar. There is really something for everyone.

How does it work?

Once installed, it links to your Google Analytics data. Then it makes a thorough analysis and shows you where you have potential weak points or possibilities for enhancement. It provides you with a valuable in-depth report with recommendations about possible sales, customer service and marketing apps that can help you improve those weak points. Its like your personal marketing guide, with the exception that you are not paying hundreds of dollars for his monthly salary 🙂

WebHostFace and SiteApps

The clients of our web hosting services now have the great opportunity to conveniently use everything that SiteApps has to offer with our state-of-the-art cPanel that comes with our accounts. When logged, you will find a separate section where you can enter the SiteApps dashboard, browse through Top or Newest Apps and easily add and operate them. It should look something like this:

SiteApps cPanel category

The Free account provided will let you run 2 free apps and measure up to 2 customized segments at any given time. Should you like it and want to use more, you can always switch to their Premium accounts and overcome all limits. And our new partners made sure that everything is made super easy – in order to set it all up you simply need to enter the Dashboard, click the button to Get Started and wait a few second so it can be integrated within your website. And that’s it! Nothing much really to it, from here on you can operate, add apps, get recommendations and everything else through their dashboard.

Don’t hesitate and try some apps now – you will thank us later 🙂

Not a member of WebHostFace yet? Check out our current deals and plans on this link.

UPDATE: October 13, 2015

SiteApps Pricing Model has changed.

From Oct 13th 2015, in order to provide a better service and support, the SiteApps pricing model has changed. The Freemium model is no longer supported and the platform now has a 30 day free trial and after this period the user must signup the platform.

Furthermore, the way limits were applied changed. Before, the limits were applied by site, ie, each site represented one account. Now there is only one limit and this limit is user based. These limits will be applied to all sites in which the user is owner.

In addition, the number of apps per user is now UNLIMITED. Only monthly requests/pageviews will be charged. For more details, check SiteApps blog post about this change.

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