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Christmasfy your WordPress website

It is Christmas again and the smell of eggnog is in the air. Have you done your Christmas shopping and decorating? What about your WordPress website or blog? Well, if you haven’t decorated your website for the upcoming festivities yet, here you will get various ideas with all the needed information for materializing them.

The thoughtful guys at WordPress have given you the option to enable falling snow on your website till January 4th. This option is given to the people using their plugin Jetpack and it can be easily enabled from the Settings -> General menu in your sidebar.

If you want to have snow falling on your blog for a custom period, you can always download some of the falling snow plugins like: Tribulant Snow Storm, Snow My WP, 5sec Snow, or Xmas Snow.

Another fun thing you can do is put Christmas lights or a Christmas Tree branch on your website to bring holiday mood to your visitors. To do that, you can try some of these plugins: Xmas Lights and Christmas Ball on Branch.

It is always a great idea to get into the Christmas spirit with a Christmas Countdown Widget or an Advent Calendar.

For the more experienced, there are plugins which can schedule a certain theme or style to be displayed only for the holidays. This can come really in handy when you know a little something about CSS and want to decorate your website with holiday colors. Change the look and feel of your site with WP Christmas Class or WP Scheduled Themes.

If you are a fan of the ‘Hello Dolly’ plugin, then you’d love Hello Christmas. It is a festive alternative to ‘Hello Dolly’ and when activated it will display random lyrics from popular Christmas carols in the top right corner of the admin screen.

The best idea of all and the one that I will definitely use this year is having a personalized message or holiday card displayed on your website. There is no better way to wish your visitors, friends, and colleagues Merry Christmas, than with a message you have written yourself. The plugins you can use for this are: DW PopUp Card and Christmas Pop-Up Card.

Last but not least, whether you will be using custom CSS, personalized holiday messages and cards, or just decorate manually, our festive holiday icons, which we shared with you a few days ago, will enhance the look of your website bringing the Christmas spirit to all your website visitors. Be sure to check them out, they are absolutely free of charge , designed by our team as a holiday gift for you.

Which Christmas plugins do you use on your WordPress website, don’t forget to share your stories with us in the comments, we always love hearing from you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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