Mobilegeddon and what you need to know about it

Hello friends! Today I want to discuss a little more about the recent change that startled the world of SEO and website owners around the globe alike. Of course, I am talking about the latest Google update aimed towards mobile optimization of web pages (or lack thereof). The update started rolling out on April 21st and was believed to continue throughout the whole week so we are just in the final stages where we can have a more objective outlook of its consequences. So lets see what we have learned so far and what conclusions we can draw from that.



WebHostFace launches Voice Operated Hosting Plans

Hey guys! I won’t waste your time with fancy introductions because this announcement is so revolutionary and hot I want to get right on with the news. As you know WebHostFace is a company dedicated to constant development and innovation of services. This is why we are extremely proud to present a product that might change the hosting world forever. (more…)


Now presenting: WebHostFace PHP Tools [INFOGRAPHIC]

Throughout my experience as a support person in various hosting companies I have noticed a very common and re-occurring problem with customers. Namely, this is managing their PHP settings. A client would come to me and ask for help dealing with a messy coding on an old PHP version, while another wishes to experiment with an application, that requires the latest version of PHP. Then there are those who do not need an entire version switch, but just a PHP module being turned on or off. Such cases confuse, often frustrate clients, who are not used to managing PHP, mostly because their resolution might be hard to explain or achieve. (more…)

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Source Software

Open Source software, like its name suggests, provides users with an open code that can be freely used, modified, and shared by everyone. You can take advantage of it either for your business, for a personal project or for educational purposes without paying a dime. Open source licenses can grant you the right to copy and redistribute the software to everyone you want. There are no set boundaries or any limitations.


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Surfing Safely: How to improve your online security

World Wide Web has become an important part of our lives. Being a global network, connecting millions of computers, people have incorporated Internet for different purposes such as making business, entertaining, communicating with other people, playing games and many others. And somehow naturally, with all its perks and goodies, there are also many threats and hidden traps while you are surfing online. If you pop the question “Have you ever been infected with a virus or being hacked?” the answer would be “yes” at least 8 out 10 times. And it is not only that – losing some important data, being compromised or someone stealing your identity are also common occurrences nowadays. (more…)


Bulgaria Web Summit 2014

What is Bulgaria Web Summit?

This is the biggest event of the year in Bulgaria in the field of UX, UI and Front End technology. Surprisingly, a hardware section was also included this year, discussing the popular Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms. (more…)


WebHostFace – Immune to the Heartbleed bug

Lately there has been a lot of noise around the Heartbleed bug (CVE-2014-0160), which caused a lot of concerned customers to contact us, checking whether their websites are vulnerable to it. We assure each one of them that websites hosted on WebHostFace are not only resistant to the Heartbleed bug, but thanks to our initial server setup, they were unaffected before the vulnerability was even found and made public. (more…)


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