WebHostFace launches Voice Operated Hosting Plans

WebHostFace launches Voice Operated Hosting Plans

Hey guys! I won’t waste your time with fancy introductions because this announcement is so revolutionary and hot I want to get right on with the news. As you know WebHostFace is a company dedicated to constant development and innovation of services. This is why we are extremely proud to present a product that might change the hosting world forever.

Introducing FaceVoice!!! The first ever voice-operated hosting plans are here to make your online lives a clickless experience. Imagine a world where your Siri or OK Google are obsolete because they can just go as far as showing you a nearby pub or the height of the Eiffel Tower. Sure, might be neat to save a few seconds on googling but where is your real benefit? How can it help your business? Taking all that into account we have spent months of research, development and testing to give you the finished FaceVoice! How does it work tho? Lets take a quick tour…

First you need to download the FaceVoice app from your store which should only take a minute (we made sure it’s as light as possible). With that checked you simply open our homepage www.webhostface.com and order to your computer/phone to scroll around the hosting plans so you find a suitable one. Once done you just shout “Order!” and you are taken to the Order page where – another surprise! – the whole process can also be completed verbally.

But wait! There is more (as if that wasn’t enough)! You know we are all about freedom and flexibility and this is why we predicted that your needs might surpass the boundaries of just a few hosting plans. With FaceVoice you will have the opportunity to literally dictate exactly how much resources you need. A minor setback we are looking to overcome is that you need to count to the exact number of your choice. Lets take web space for example. If you want to create a plan with 7GB Space you simply need to say “I want 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7GB of space”. Let us warn you about something though. You know we are not really fans of the Unlimited Everything plans so we put a little trap for such clients. If you yell “I want unlimited space” your chair will trigger and eject you directly in the vast universe above.

Let me now recap some of the features and goodies that come with the groundbreaking (and sometimes spacebreaking) FaceVoice:

  • Ability for customization
  • Personal voice recognition
  • Ready-to-use packages
  • Immediate activation
  • Light and Pro version
  • Free multilingual support
  • Order is click-free
  • Obedience guaranteed
  • Lightning-fast speed
  • Space-ejection chair included

Now, the wonderful FaceVoice is already available in the app store of your choice for the price of $104 one time fee. You can get a sweet 10% discount with our coupon code. Just take the first letters of each bulleted feature to spell out the coupon name. Or we can just save you some time – it’s APRILFOOLS 🙂

Is your day full of tricks already too? Share some of the best ones that got you so we can all get a good laugh 🙂

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