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Premium malware scanning tool – WebHostFace Protection and Detection

Website security is a must nowadays. Having a vulnerable or hacked website can ruin your online project in a matter of minutes. Both your users and Google are strictly monitoring for vulnerable or hacked websites and report them with the light of speed.

Is there a website platform that is most vulnerable some may ask?

Based on statistics of 40,000+ WordPress Websites in Alexa Top 1 Million, the result is that more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks. All of us have wondered why WordPress is such a popular target for malicious hackers. The answer is simple – WordPress is the most widely used website building tool powering more than 32% of the Internet. In numbers, the results are massive as the number of total active websites is estimated at over 1.3 billion according to a survey published by Netcraft, which means that around 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now.

Having these numbers in fact and getting back to the 70% hacked websites in the beginning plus adding our own experience as one of the leading web hosting companies in the world we believe that security is a major problem of all websites hosted nowadays.

No matter if you have a website built with WordPress or any PHP application you might be at risk as technologies are constantly evolving, thus making you and your website`s developers hard to follow every single exploit that appears. Having this in mind, we put together our years of experience hosting and fixing vulnerable websites into a good cause and we created a state-of-the-art inhouse built Premium malware scanning tool.

WebHostFace Protection and Detection – Premium malware scanning tool

cPanel Security Section

As a hosting provider, we’re aware that many sites are being exploited globaly on daily basis. Thus we decided to implement a security scanner that actually works and is updated with the newest vulnerabilities.

There are other scanners available, like the cPanel default scanner or some plugins for WordPress sites. So – what’s different here?

Our Protection and Detection tool will run with customized malware databases. We’ve tested the tool with over 1000 infected sites, ranging from WordPress to Laravel and custom written in PHP ones, to make sure that any malware present in the account will be detected.

The tool that you can have does NOT use your cPanel account’s resources – it uses server resources to run and scan your account. If you use a plugin like WordFence to scan your account you might find your cPanel account hitting its limits in regards to CPU or I/O. This can cause downtime to your site or other sites that you host in your account. The tool ensures NO downtime experienced due to resource limits.

Our team will be automatically notified if there are infected files present in your cPanel account. In this case, we can provide further guidance on what can be done and insight about how your site was exploited. This will help to fix the issue permanently.

In summary:

  • Custom Malware Database – Guaranteed Malware Detection
  • Does not use your cPanel account’s resources
  • Automatic Notifications once per week
  • Reputation Loss Prevention

We will cover all benefits one by one as the devil hides in the details.

Custom Malware Databases

All scanning tools require large databases with virus definitions, vulnerabilities and all kinds of website exploits listed. In order for a malware scanner to work successfully, all these databases should be updated on a regular basis and to be monitored by expert staff that knows what they do. Once the databases are accurate our scanning tool performs scans of your websites and detects and protects your files. The scanning tool relies solely on the newest available malware databases over the internet thus ensuring superb results, speed and scanning results.

Server Resources Usage

All websites are hosted on some kind of server environment. Especially new website or websites that are starting from scratch or even small to medium business websites may rely on shared hosting account where the resources are limited. Most of the malware scanners that are available online use the resources allocated to your web hosting account and this might cause you trouble with your hosting provider. You may be contacted that your site takes too many resources and you need to upgrade to a higher hosting solution, however, the real reason is that some third-party applications may be eating up your resources.

Our state of the art tool uses more allocated resources from the main server, not your own account thus ensures speed, performance and fast results for the scan. Also, your website will not experience any downtime due to account limitations.

Automatic notifications – Instant action and reaction

The WebHostFace Protection and Detection – Premium malware scanning tool runs on a schedule every single week and ensures your site gets covered even when you sleep. Our system checks your files in the most convenient time – when the server is not loaded and it has enough power to fulfill the requests brilliantly. After this we receive notifications that tell us if the websites hosted on our servers are vulnerable. If the tool has found malicious files, we notify our customers with easy to follow step by step guidance on how to have the issues fixed. This will allow immediate reaction against the threat and to “nip it in the bud” before it develops into a more serious issue. This tool is implemented and customized so that it provides both the users and us, as a hosting provider, with an additional layer of safety.


The biggest problem when the client has malware is the loss of reputation with visitors and Google. Google can flag the website and domain, delist it, and deindex it. Hackers can penetrate and deface the website. If infected or hacked, your site will get demoted. This tool catches the malware before it can cause such damage and prevents visitors and Google from even knowing that there was malware on the account. Moreover, the PD also helps detect the origin of the malware – a file uploaded through a plugin or a form submission on the site – which makes it possible to permanently remove the vulnerability and solve the problem.


We have tested thousands of websites for the past few weeks. We performed more than 10 000 security checks on different websites written in PHP and more specifically WordPress and we are proud to present a WORKING premium malware tool that really does its job. We compared our results with the competitors and the WebHostFace Protection and Detection tools had a rate of almost 100% finding all the newest threats for any website created on PHP.

Your online project and you as a website owner deserve a tool that can prevent, detect and protect your hard work!

Contact our 24/7 customer service department to help you activate your Premium malware scanning tool – WebHostFace Protection and Detection.

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