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The Deal With Managed Hosting

If you’ve ever looked for a hosting solution, you might have come across the term “managed hosting”. You might have also noticed that the definition varies between providers and is often vague and unclear. The main reason is that many hosts use the term as a marketing strategy without being 100% open about what they do and do not provide.

So what is a managed hosting solution?

Although different providers use the term loosely, there are a few things a hosting company should cover in order to in all good consciousness label its plans managed.

  • Hardware maintenance and monitoring
  • Software configuration and installation
  • Security and reliability of both hardware and software

Why get managed hosting?

The biggest benefit of getting a managed solution is that you save yourself the time, money, and hassle to operate your hosting solution. You won’t have to be a system administrator, technical expert or a developer as you have a team of professionals behind your back to optimise and administer your account. Getting an out-of-the-box ready-to-use plan enables you to dedicated your efforts to developing your online project.

What doesn’t hosting management include?

Although managed solutions come with many perks, there are few things which are not covered. Usually, hosting providers do not provide development and design services, related to building, securing or editing your site or application on an individual level. This means that hosting providers are focused on taking care of your hosting platform and server environment, but managing your online project is your responsibility. The primary reason for this is that development and design are completely different branches of IT and in order to provide such services a company should hire professionals in this area, which will significantly increase the price of the overall hosting service.

Is WebHostFace a Managed Hosting Provider?

WebHostFace provides managed shared and VPS hosting solutions. On top of the basics, our plans include services, setups, and tools, which will save you a significant amount of spending and efforts. See the infographic to learn what management we offer.


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