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Surviving Halloween [INFOGRAPHIC]

Surviving Halloween is a vital skill every grown-up should pick up eventually no matter the walk of life. That is why we here at WebHostFace have devised the ultimate scheme and prepared a fool-proof survival kit for the coming Halloween.

  1. In order to make everything more fun and engaging for all of us, we decided to go with the time-proven idea to arrange a little costume contest. And being the daring type that we are, and just for the love of adventure, we hid all the candy for Halloween, so that we can organize a scavenger hunt in costumes on the big day. ‘How cool a creepy thematic scavenger hunt can be?’, you may ask. Just wait for the pictures and you’ll know…
  2. Too many pumpkins never hurt no one, except the pumpkins, I guess. We use them for decoration, for making some awesome desserts or just to have fun by organizing some more contests, yet again. What can we say, we like to get creative.
  3. Spookier is always better, (fake) spider webs are the perfect decoration this time of the year, except for pumpkins perhaps. And you won’t believe how easy it is to arrange for our boss to stumble into one of them ‘accidentally’ (wink), just to lighten the mood, because not taking things seriously is the main point of these instructions.
  4. As said above pulling pranks on fellow co-workers or even our boss is the thing during Halloween. It promotes bonding and it’s fun, just don’t tell anyone I came up with this idea… 😉
  5. Spooky Halloween music in the office? Nothing can go wrong with that, it gets us in the holiday mood faster and surer, if you don’t mind feeling a little bit apprehensive when going back home alone in the evening. 🙂
  6. Yet another amazing idea we came up with is to gather used paper to create decorations like paper bats or spiders. After all, think about nature while having fun is extremely rewarding.
  7. We are not afraid to pull all stops and just create the ultimate Halloween experience by organizing thematic Halloween breakfasts or lunches during work hours, we even set whole menus with different types of holiday food to be served on the days before and on Halloween itself…

Remember to not take everything so closely to heart and be more open-minded because Halloween is a holiday for mystery, spooks and pranks. And it goes all so well with candy… mmmm

Halloween Office Spirit

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