You are currently viewing Joomla’s 10th Birthday – a timeline of success [Infographic]

Joomla’s 10th Birthday – a timeline of success [Infographic]

Ten years from now a legend was in the making. To this day there are still discussions as to when the Joomla birthday should be celebrated. Should it be August 17 when they split from their ancestor Mambo? Or September 1 when the name was born and the project was officially announced around the world? Or maybe it should it be September 16 when the first official Joomla 1.0 was released? I say it’s not that important. What is important is that 10 years later Joomla is still here, still strong and proudly among the top content management systems in the world. So today we’d like to look back, share our appreciation and wish the whole community an even brighter future.

10 years of Growth

We all know Joomla gets bigger and bigger but it is amazing just how fast it grows. Started by a small group of enthusiasts, the beloved CMS enjoyed a whopping 2.5 million downloads and 50 000 community members just before it blew their first candle. Years passed, numbers grew and today Joomla has been downloaded more than 50 million times, offers thousands and thousands of themes and extensions and has one of the largest online communities.

10 years of Evolution

Joomla developers always look into the future. They are not afraid to rinse and repeat, build from scratch or try new things. 4 major application releases, resource directory, press books, a magazine, lots of conferences and, since the beginning of this year, their own free hosted version of the CMS. One thing is for sure – Joomla will never be satisfied to just “get things done”. Constant evolution is the key to success.

10 years of Team Efforts

Joomla has never been just the hard-working guys and gals who once forked out of Mambo and started the development of the Joomla! project. It has always been about the group effort, all those contributors, bug reporters, template designers, forumers and everyone who embraces Joomla as their own baby. As contributor Steve Burge rightly points out: “Joomla has no Venture Capital firms behind it. Joomla has no parent company, no shareholders and no investors behind it. Joomla has no C.E.O., no dictator and no owner. It has you.”

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Joomla Infographic 10 years birthday

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