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Eco Icons to a Sustainable Design Future

Nowadays eco style is increasing its popularity from powerful social movement for saving our environment and nature's resources to the most popular tendency in business practice and web design especially. Marketers, designers and web developers worldwide understand more and more that 'going green' is more than just a phrase, it's an essential business practice that consumers respond to and thus it cannot be neglected. As a result companies everywhere are adopting sustainable practices that help to preserve our precious resources for future generations. Here at WebHostFace we're not superheroes of sustainability yet, but we're working together to learn more about how we can make better choices for the environment every day.

Did you know?

The colors you choose for a website have wattage ratings. In fact a man named Jon Doucette came up with a color palette for the lowest wattage colors. According to Jon Doucette, credited with its invention, the six colors that will draw the lowest wattage on displays are #822007 (rusty red), #000000 (black), #b2bbc0 (blue grey), #19472a (forest green), #3d414c (cobalt) and #ffffff (white).

It's tough to go green all at once- it is costy and time consuming. What matters is that we all start thinking about simple ways to be more sustainable every day, and that whenever possible we make the best choices for the environment. When going to your next project, try approaching it with the end result in mind first– that is, think about where your design will end up after it is finished with use.

It`s Freebie Friday! It’s time to go GREEN!

Creating cleaner designs can't be realized without eco-friendly icons which bring more color and life to your design, making it brighter and more effective. Become a friend of our environment, while creating cleaner designs. To be prepared for the needs of your customers we have created some really amazing and free 'go green' eco friendly icon set for you. In this roundup you'll find various glyphs which consists of recycling icons, light bulbs, green houses, plants, energy-efficient icons, green leaves, ecology stickers' icons and more. The free eco icons are available in three sizes, 256 px, 128 px, and 64 px. All items are png. files.

Free Eco Icons

You can download them absolutely for free and start using in your stylish design projects. So go green with our great collection of eco-friendly icons and help us promote cleaner eco system for saving the world!


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    1. David Prescsott

      would it be possible to get vector versions?

      1. Iva Kitipova

        Hi David,

        Thank you for downloading our free icon set. Currently, a vector version is not available.

    2. Nana Foxby-Jacobsen

      Thank you very much for the fine icons. Looking forward to use them.

      Is it possible to get/buy the line version (show at the top of the image), and do you do other icons about business and sustainability?

      Many thanks in advance,
      Br Nana

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