You are currently viewing 30 Free Education Vector Icons

30 Free Education Vector Icons

Prepare for the new school year with a vibrant and comprehensive set of 30 free education vector icons, designed entirely by the WebHostFace design team. This collection of icons is perfect for school, college or university websites, online tutorials, academic, artistic or science blogs or any other learning-themed projects.

The icons are in an EPS format and can be easily customized to fit your needs. These icons depict multiple subjects of study which you can find in high-schools or under- and postgraduate institutions. Illustrated courses include algebra, geometry, chemistry, physics, math, music, history, geography, biology, literature, philosophy, sociology, astronomy, sport, engineering, law, medicine, architecture, IT, and many more.

 Free Education Vector Icons

You can modify any or all of the 30 free education vector icons and use them for multiple projects. Upon publishing the icons you simply need to attribute WebHostFace as a source by implementing the following code:

<a href=''>Designed by WebHostFace LLC</a>

If you use any elements for a published project, please include “Designed by WebHostFace LLC” in the text of your final work.

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