Today’s Tasty Bites – Free Foody Icon Set

Today’s Tasty Bites – Free Foody Icon Set

Using high-quality professional icons for an application or a website can make your design flashy and sleek, and add a unique appearance. This way you can attract more people and make your design stand out from the crowd. What’s more, professionally designed icons increase the usability of your website or application, or even mobile App.

In today's post we have brought together free food and drinks icons. This kind of icons can be used in almost any project concerning fast and gourmet food, restaurants, gastronomy, coffee and the sort. The icons below are all free to download. Yummy!

The free food icons are available in three sizes, 256 px, 128 px, and 64 px. All items are .png files.

Free Food Icons Set

Feel free to download this free pack of foody icons and use/share as you please. Let us know how much you like them! Don't forget to share.

You may also take a look at our past free Icon Collection.


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    1. Благодаря Ви отново за чудесните икони.
      Страхотна работа!

    2. Thank you, Ivelina! Really glad to hear that this project is appreciated 🙂

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