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The best Linux SSD VPS hosting solutions! Now up to 10x Faster!

Fast and Reliable SSD VPS Hosting plans with guaranteed resources! Get more resources than shared hosting and pay much less than a Dedicated server! Full scalability and resource abundance on the go!


Choose an affordable, abundant and reliable SSD VPS Hosting platform for your online project

Face VPS 1

Start here


6GB Dedicated Ram

5TB Traffic

4 CPU Cores

Root Access

1 Free Dedicated IP



Best Seller

Face VPS 2

Scale up


16GB Dedicated Ram

5TB Traffic

6 CPU Cores

Root Access

1 Free Dedicated IP



Face VPS 3

Go bigger

1200GB SSD

24GB Dedicated Ram

5TB Traffic

8 CPU Cores

Root Access

1 Free Dedicated IP



Face VPS 4

Get huge

1600GB SSD

48GB Dedicated Ram

5TB Traffic

12 CPU Cores

Root Access

1 Free Dedicated IP




Scalability is the freedom to add various components to your hosting individually so that you can personalize your server, cut costs and increase usability. It is extremely important for scheduled visitor peaks and planned promotions.

Need more CPU?

If your project requires additional computing power, you can accumulate more processing units to your server separately.

Need more RAM?

If you need a bigger value of computer data storage and memory alone, you can add more gigabytes of RAM to your Managed VPS.

Need more SSD storage?

If you use your VPS to stock huge amount of data, you can always add more storage space to your server. Storage is never enough when growing your online project. You can rely on easy to add SSD storage options that will grant you the ability to grow without being limited in capacity.

CPU core

CPU core





CPU core

Need more CPU?

If your project requires additional computing power, you can accumulate more processing units to your server separately.


Need more RAM?

If you need a bigger value of computer data storage and memory alone, you can add more gigabytes of RAM to your VPS.


Need more storage?

If you use your VPS to stock huge amount of data, you can always add more storage space to your server.


Our selection of VPS plans are configured to fit a wide range of hosting demands. However, we realize that every online project is unique and requires a specific combination of server resources. Upgrading to a higher solution can solve this need only partially as you increase a bundle of values you might not actually need. VPS scalability gives you the freedom to increase a specific component according to your particular goal. This means the freedom to cut your costs and pay only for what you are actually using.

SSD VPS Hosting solutions can be used by corporate websites, resellers, network community websites, online communication tools, streaming, storage and any other project, which requires abundance of guaranteed server resources. With full and out-of-the-box setup, VPS is a solution you can use right away – no further setup is required. Different control management allow you to easily and efficiently administer all your projects.

VPS is hosted on a potent physical machine with devoted resources and redundancy on every level – from hardware and connectivity to disk storage, which insures 99.9% uptime and reliability. Our VPS plans use KVM – leading server virtualization, which delivers the best performance of it class. Data storage is replicated by RAID virtualization technology which prevents threats of disk failures and unrecoverable sectors.

Your VPS can be located in any of our top-notch data centers. Selecting a server with better proximity to your physical location or the one of your visitors results in optimized network connectivity and speed. You can choose between Germany in Europe , USA in North America and Singapore in Asia at no additional cost. The data centers in all these locations are equipped with industry-leading technology and automated systems for monitoring, updating and security for both servers and network connectivity.

Maintaining an up-and-running VPS requires regular updates and monitoring, but providing a premium service with a stable, constantly smooth performance and reliable configuration requires a highly-trained team of professional technical support, which is online 24/7. With our all-time live support over chat and phone and our 15-minute ticket response time, our support teams are the back bone of your VPS and online project and are available to answer all your inquiries.


Is my VPS fully managed?

Your VPS comes with full support by an experienced team of server administrators and technical experts, available 24/7 to answer your inquiries. The hardware and software of your account are regularly maintained by our teams.

Do I get root access on my VPS?

Absolutely. Your VPS comes with full root and SSH access to the whole machine, as well as no restrictions to ports and points of access.

Am I the only one who uses my VPS?

The VPS resources are guaranteed for you and your hosting needs only. The values you see for the packages, for which you sign up are yours to use, including any extra RAM, CPU and storage you add.

How many scalable components can I add?

You can add one, two or all three scalable component of our VPS- RAM, CPU and storage. You can add them separately or at different times and as many times as you need.


How does a vps work and what is SSD VPS hosting plan?


VPS stands for virtual private server. With this type of hosting solution a physical server is virtually divided into several independent hosting containers. These containers have unique and independent operating system (OS), independent file system and can have different control panels. Furthermore the goal is to accommodate several hosting accounts under one very powerful hosting server. The benefit of having a VPS is that it is easily scalable – administrators can add cpu, disk space, ram and bandwidth with just few mouse clicks. Our experienced server administrators have implemented the most up to date virtualization rules so our SSD VPS hosting customers can experience the best SSD VPS hosting plans on a very cheap price. The SSD VPS hosting is mostly used for websites that are not suitable for shared hosting, but still do not require dedicated server hosting.


What is a shared server & VPS vs shared hosting?


The shared server hosting or the widely used term shared hosting stands for a physical server divided into different hosting containers. The whole server has one operating system and each shared hosting customer has its own control panel – cPanel to manage all the shared hosting aspects of the solution he is using. The shared server opposed to the Virtual private server is more limited in terms of resources usage and in terms of operating system usage as it is one and the same for all clients. The SSD VPS hosting solutions come with more dedicated hosting resources like CPU cores and RAM thus making it a more suitable solution for heavy traffic websites and online projects. It is highly recommended for business websites.


What is the difference between a VPS and dedicated server?


The main difference between SSD VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting is that the dedicated server is a machine dedicated only for you. With the VPS virtualization you will not even understand that you are sharing a dedicated server with other customers, so the answer to this question is that the difference is in the way the server is set up. The VPS combines the guaranteed resources of a dedicated server and the abundance of a cloud at an affordable price. That is the reason WebHostFace offers the cheapest SSD VPS hosting plans with the option to choose from multiple operating systems and server set up and possible upgrade options when your project grows.


How do I use a linux SSD VPS hosting?


In order to use your linux SSD VPS hosting solution with WebHostFace you simply need to sign up by selecting your billing cycle, the location of your SSD VPS hosting account (we offer multiple vps hosting locations including USA and Europe), choose the operating system (OS) and the control panel. You can choose from several linux operating systems like Centos 6 and Centos 7 with cPanel and Centos with CWP (centos web panel). For Ubuntu fans, our administrators can install Ubuntu 12, Ubuntu 14, Ubuntu 15. Additionally you can add extra IP addresses (up to 3 additional dedicated IP`s). If you site requires more hosting resources you can choose extra CPU, extra bandwidth, extra disk space and extra ram. These additional resources can significantly boost the performance of your website online by increasing the site loading time.


Why not to use free VPS hosting solutions?


Most of our VPS hosting customers have popular business websites that require uptime, reliability and performance all the time, 24/7/365. If you have a site that has lots of visitors you cannot risk your online popularity. That is why having a free vps hosting solution might not be the best solution if you rely on your site to make your living. Additionally any free VPS hosting plan does not come with SSD and this significantly decreases the performance your users will experience. SSD is a must for every VPS hosting plan nowadays. If you believe the VPS hosting plans are not as cheap as you might think, it will be a good idea to check our shared hosting solutions as they offer a great start for any online project. Our high end shared hosting packages even offer the possibility to handle tens of thousands of views per month.


SSD VPS hosting plans comparison


It is completely normal to compare different SSD VPS hosting providers and plans when choosing the best vps hosting solution for your online project. Having in mind that this most probably is your business project, we will share our experience in how to make the VPS comparison more accurate as the price may not be the most important factor.

Professional setup – our highly experienced system administrators have years of experience in VPS hosting set up. This provides the best possible hosting environment for your business project or for your high-traffic website.Years of experience – we are offering vps hosting solutions for more than 4 years. During this time, our customers have multiplied several times and with this comes the burden to offer even better hosting experience. The customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of our work and we strive to provide fast and visible hosting results.Experienced and friendly support – our main slogan is “Service always comes with a smiling face” and we mean it. We invest in initial and ongoing technical support trainings thus providing the best vps hosting services possible. In WebHostFace we never tell a customer what we cannot do – we always strive to provide the ultimate customer service care even if this is beyond the average support requests. VPS hosting customers set even higher standards as they require fast, reliable and visible results for their growing or established business sites.Cheap SSD VPS hosting – although the price is not the single most important factor, our virtual private server solutions have the most competitive pricing structure over the market. This ensures ultimate performance on a very affordable and cheap scale. 

What is windows VPS hosting and do I need it?


Each VPS can have a different and unique operating system (OS). Additionally some websites require windows hosting and windows operating system to be installed on the VPS. If this is the case you will need to search for a windows VPS hosting provider as our administrators will only install Linux on your private server. The operating systems you can choose from are visible during the sign up process and the most popular ones are: Centos 6, Centos 7 with cPanel and Centos with CWP (centos web panel), Ubuntu 12, Ubuntu 14, Ubuntu 15 and many more.

If you website or online project does not specifically require windows hosting environment, the best will be to get a linux SSD VPS hosting solution. Try our best SSD VPS hosting solutions and get visible website results. 

What operating system (OS) to choose for my SSD VPS hosting?


Our highly experienced system administrators will install the operating system of your vps upon request during the sign up process. You can choose from several different operating systems as the most popular ones are Centos 6, Centos 7 and Ubuntu. Most of our customers prefer the Centos operating system as it has one of the largest communities online that contribute with tutorials, tip and tricks, open source softwares and some of the best control panels for virtual web servers like cPanel and CWP – Centos Web Panel. You can get the Centos Web Panel for free with the Centos OS installation by our sys admins.

Choosing whether to use Centos 6 or Centos 7 relies completely on the software your web project requires. Based on our experience, most of our customers prefer the Centos 6 OS as it still uses INIT unlike Centos 7 that replaced it with SYSTEMD. INIT has been around from quite a while making it more stable compared to the new replacement SYSTEMD.
Centos 6 & Centos 7 operating system benefits

Centos 6 operating system benefits – This is one of the most widely used and chosen operating system for our VPS hosting plans as it has a lot of benefits due to its long lifetime period. Centos 6 was released July 2011 and since now it has gained its popularity as a stable and reliable OS for most popular softwares needed to create your online project and boost your website popularity.


Centos 7 operating system benefits – As it is a newly released OS – July 2014, it adopts newer softwares in its repository much quicker and SYSTEMD is rapidly evolving to become more reliable and functional that INIT and to put new standards in controlling the operating system processes in VPS hosting solutions.

Ubuntu OS benefits

Ubuntu operating system benefits – It is the most popular linux distribution. Ubuntu comes with several distributions – Ubuntu 12, Ubuntu 14, Ubuntu 15 and any of these versions can be installed for free by our system administrators if preselected during the sign up process. As the most popular distribution it has the largest community and it attracts the most software developers. Most software developers target Ubundu (debian based linux) thanks to its largest community. All these facts combined with its popularity make it a preferred OS for our SSD VPS hosting plans.