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Face Standard

Perfect for starters

15 GB Web Space

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One Domain Hosted

Free SSLs & CDN

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SSD-Powered Servers

Weebly Sitebuilder

cPanel Included


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Face Extra

Designed for expanding projects

20 GB Web Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

Multiple Domains Hosted


Free Daily Backup

cPanel Included

SEO Boost

+All the features of Face Standard


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Regular price $10.90/month

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Face Ultima

Committed to serious business sites

30 GB Web Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

Multiple Domains Hosted

Free Let's Encrypt SSLs

Free Daily Backups

Premium Support

cPanel Included

+All the features of Face Extra


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Free SSLs

cPanel control panel

Softaculous one-click installer


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Cloud Linux Hosting

R1Soft Backups


SSD-Powered servers

CloudFlare CDN

Multiple PHP versions

24/7 support



Thanks to its convenient, wide-range functionality, cPanel is the most popular control panel for Linux. It provides users with everything they need to manage their hosting account, website, emails and much more. Databases, one-click script installations, website statistics, shell access, security enhancements and optimizations – everything is covered by the cPanel interface. The advanced WebHostFace technical team has further customized the tools in the cPanel to make it even easier and more accessible. We have integrated buttons and third-party functions for the effortless management of all features our clients benefit from.


All of our servers are exclusively Linux-based and pre-installed with latest versions of Apache, PHP and Kernel. These are free applications, which gives us the opportunity to provide our services at the most affordable prices and to support a wide selection of free scripts for our clients, thus reduce customer expenses no matter the type of their online project. Another advantage of the Linux operation system is that it allows a variety of custom modifications. This enables our top-level server administrators and tech gurus to adapt the shared hosting infrastructure to the specific needs of our clients, increasing reliability, speed and safety. In-house security technologies that isolates each account and regularly updated software additionally enforce the trustworthiness of the WebHostFace platform.


WebHostFace supports over three hundred free open source scripts. Our customers host comfortably not only the most popular applications like Joomla, WordPress,PrestaShop, OpenCart, Drupal or Magento, but a huge number of other rare scripts. The majority of them can be installed with literary two clicks from Softaculous – a convenient auto-installer implemented in the cPanel of each and every one of our shared hosting solutions. What is more, each time a new version of a script is released, a notification is sent, so that you can always keep your software secure and up-to-date. WebHostFace does not simply stop at supporting open source. Our technicians develop modules, plugins, patches and templates for most popular applications not only as a contribution to the open source, but also in order to accumulate detailed knowledge in the specifics of each script.


All of our servers are optimized for ace speed, yet we give our customers the chance to increase it even further by choosing a server location closer to their visitors. Clients can host accounts in any of our three key areas on Earth – USA, Singapore and Germany. These locations are not chosen at random, but are known to have the best facilitated data centers and fastest network connectivity in the world. Servers, which are stored under the best conditions and monitored by an advanced professional team of administrators mean additional security of your account, immediate reaction and utmost reliability.


Everyone who has dealt with hosting knows the importance of good support. At WebHostFace we have divided this high responsibility between four departments – customer care for all common inquiries, advanced technical staff, system administration and sales team. This work optimization results in faster resolution of customer questions and hosting-related matters. Each and every one of our support and technical team undergo a specialized training, conducted by people with long-standing experience in various hosting companies. We carefully select our new team members and interns, so that they can grow to be devoted and skillful representatives of our family.


Our extensive experience with hosting has proven that sound hardware and advanced software, although crucial, are not enough to provide the optimal quality service we strive for. After extensive research, development and production, our exceptional technical experts have integrated custom modifications, built with exclusive attention to latest trends in technology and user requirements. Basic functions are made easier to manage and enriched with additional in-house built innovations: from application installations, activating an deactivating modules, changing php versions, monitoring statistics to major server implementations for stable and smooth performance of virtually any online venture.



Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol, which enables you to run commands on your Linux-based account from your personal computer. This network protocol is not only a useful way to manage your account, but a also a secure way to communicate and execute services. All commands are encrypted in various ways and connect to the server through a secure network channel. The technical professionals at WebHostFace have additionally enforced this security to make SSH virtually impenetrable. Both the server and the user side are authorized by security keys and each user key is unique and protected by a password. We use different from the standard 22 port for SSH access, which creates and advance secure socket for your command-line. This way you know you manage your Linux shared hosting account on a secure and trustworthy SSH connection.


In order to be hosted on a server, each domain name needs to point to a specific DNS (Domain Name System). Usually, these settings have similar or the same name as the hosting provider and are easily traced with a simple domain check. Private DNS gives you a set of unique DNS settings of your choice, which you provide to your customers and visitors. This will help you brand your company and gain authority for your business. The service is exceptionally useful for resellers as they can mask the original settings of the hosting provider and use their own DNS trademark instead. Reputable corporations and serious business ventures prefer to have their own DNS settings as well for a more professional online representation.


By default, each time you register a new domain, your ownership details automatically become visible upon a standard check in the global domain registry. As a worldwide regulation this a common practice between all registrars , however most customers prefer to have this information hidden. Domain Privacy masks all ownership details such as owner’s names, email and physical address, and phone number. Keeping these details confidential significantly lowers the risk of you being included in spam listings or online marketing without your knowledge. Your personal information is protected from identity or domain theft and ensured against scams. At WebHostFace you can get affordable protection for your domain an details with just a click.


Whether a website is fully developed or in the process of building , a daily backup can prove to be vital for any type of online project. WebHostFace saves you the time and effort of dealing with regular backups yourself by storing a fresh copy of your site data every day. During the development of your project it is crucial to have a backup you can rely on in case you want to reverse a change without having to start all over again. In case you accidentals delete any files or change settings, if you lose site data from your computer, all you need to do is restore the latest copy and continue where you left off. On the other hand, online stores and data websites store a lot of valuable information that changes regularly. In those cases having a daily backup on your shared hosting account is essential and might save you a ton of hassle.


WebHostFace hosts accounts in key points around the world: you can choose between USA, Singapore and Germany. If at any time you decide to move your business, change your target visitors or simply change server locations, you can order a professional relocation service. Our server administrators will setup your account in the new data center and our top-level technical team will transfer all your data settings and content. In a matter of hours you will have your shared hosting account smoothly running on the newly selected server location. The transfer is completely painless and absolutely invisible for your customers, so you can conveniently order the service as many times as you need.


WordPress Shared Hosting


WordPress is the most popular web-based site building application today. It is easy-to-use, at the same time has a ton of default and additional functions, which makes it the preferred software for any type of online project- from simple personal blogs and portfolios to advanced business websites, networks and e-shops. WordPress has the biggest and well-developed online community today, which has given birth to thousands of plugins for extended functionality and just as many themes. If you need a unique-looking website, which you can easily build and manage, WordPress is the application for you.



Joomla is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS). It is not only free, but also open source. This means that its source code is open for any contributor, who wishes to develop a new template, plugin or extension. As a result, the application is enriched by thousands of new themes and types of functionality which makes it suitable for virtually any type of website. Moreover, Joomla users have established a huge online support community to keep each other up-to-date with Joomla news and offer free mutual help.



Drupal is one of the most flexible Content Management Systems (CMS), that gives you freedom to design, develop and administer content and modules in a way no other CMS does. As an open source application, Drupal has multiple additional modules, which are not only useful for additional functionality, but also incredibly well documented and supported by their creators and community, so you can get exactly what you aim for. On top of that Drupal is mobile-ready and easily found by search engines, which saves you time for developing a site version for smart devices and increases your SEO. If you want the opportunity to do things your way, Drupal is the right choice.



Magento is one of the most widely used shopping carts due to its wide range of functionalities. From the get-go you get various product management systems, which help you categorize items and put them in order for the convenience of shoppers. You also get detailed analysis reports and the option to set different templates for one or a number of products. Magento is preferred for developing online stores because of its stable PHP architecture that has unlimited capabilities, which allows adding practically any implementation. The vastly growing Magento community is available to provide you with troubleshooting and custom designs for the unique look of your store.



Zurmo is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which aims at making your customer and staff operations an efficient and fluent experience. Built on three different development frameworks – jQuery, Yii and RedBeanPHP, the Zurmo delivers features for your business not by quantity, but by quality. Its clean design and logical navigation make the application user-friendly and easy to learn. It is also mobile friendly and socially responsive, so it can be used virtually anywhere. You can easily set goals, gain achievements and determine rewards so your internal communications turn into a fun game.



phpBB is a world-class forum software and preferred for bulletins and boards thanks its user-friendly interface and wide functionality. Regardless of your forum’s topic or location, you can easily manage phpBB modules and create different forums and sub forums, as well as multiple users, connected to your forum. You can also set various ways, in which you and the users can be notified whenever there is a new post. PhpBB also allows you to activate searches and extend functionality through various plugins. The application is completely free and open source so whether you want a stand alone forum or just an addition to your site, you can use phpBB to contact and exchange ideas with your visitors.



Laravel gradually becomes one of the top Framework choices for developing online projects of various nature in PHP. It is exclusively designed for model-view-controller (MVC) web applications and it is completely free and open source. The biggest advantages, appointed by Laravel users are brilliant structure of code, simplicity of syntax and robust features. Laravel uses Composer and its command line is called Artisan. It includes the modular packaging system which simplify things for the programmers and its fluent query builder is supported by the advanced PHP implementation Eloquent. If you want to easily develop your project via a PHP Framework, Laravel is undoubtedly your best choice.



Pimcore is one of the most powerful and effective multi-channel platforms. Based on the Zend Framework, PHP and MySQL, it contains an abundance of applications for a full-on solution – multichannel publishing, marketing management, e-commerce and many more. In the foundation of Pimcore lies the Pimcore API, through which you can program each and every administrative feature of the application. Easily extendable via plugins and widgets, there are little to no limitations to what you can do with Pimcore. If you wish to develop a flexible platform and give your visitors the opportunity to engage, Pimcore is the perfect application.

Large variety of site-building tools to help you create a website


Do you have unlimited hosting?

Shared hosting means that you share server recourses with other users on the machine. All servers have a certain capacity and limit, which means that it is physically impossible for shared hosting to be unlimited.

How many resources can I use?

To assure the smooth operation of your account, you have certain fixed and flexible maximums. Your guaranteed storage depends on the plan you have selected. Other values, such as RAM and bandwidth can be used freely as long as they do not interfere with the performance of the overall server and the users on it.

Can I use my own domain name which was registered elsewhere?

Absolutely, you are free to use any domain you want with our shared hosting. All you have to do is adjust a domain name setting, called DNS. If you haven’t done this before, you can consult with out free Knowledge base or contact us and we will gladly guide you through the process.

How long does it take to open an account?

The signing up process is an easy step-by-step process and it takes no more than just a couple of minutes. The activation itself might take anywhere from seconds to up to one business day. After you sign up, we will contact you via email or phone to update you about the status of your account activation.