Server Locations

Hosting environment accessible worldwide!

Our Data Centers offer brisk and reliable hosting services closer to your visitors wherever they are!


WebHostFace services are hosted on key points around the world: Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Industry-leading facilitated data centers provide locations closer to your visitors for optimal speed and convenience.

US Data Center Specifications

WebHostFace uses the services of one of the most reputable data centers in the US – SingleHop. Located in a private campus in the Chicago area, SingleHop maintains and its own network operations center, built and operated by Digital Reality Trust, with 24/7 monitoring by system administrators. Additional in-house technology automatically secures proper functionality of all hardware and software within the data center.

On-shift data center technician, system administrator, network operations administrator

Redundant infrastructure with 2N Utility, 2N UPS, Static Switch PDU’s

Fiber Access telecommunication with two access points

Reliable internet connectivity provided by four independent ISPs

24/7/365 monitoring by in-house staff

Data center speed test

Test the speed of the network by downloading a speed-test file. These files are located in CHI-3 (Franklin Park, IL).

Inside look

Step inside our data centers like never before.