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Why get Loaded Commerce Hosting

Advantages of Loaded Commerce

Loaded Commerce Hosting

Hosting with WebHostFace

Advantages of Loaded Commerce

Hosting with WebHostFace

Free and open source

Rich in features and options

Professional-looking appearance

Handy administration and backend

Search engine friendly

Tons of free and paid designs

All-in-one e-commerce package features

Ample and expandable server resources

Resilient platform with cutting edge technology

Proximity of server location to your clients

Easy one-click installation and fluent transfer

Highly-qualified 24/7 support and customer care


Face Standard

Perfect for starters

15 GB Web Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

One Domain Hosted

Free Let's Encrypt SSLs

Free Daily Backup

SSD-Powered Servers

Weebly Sitebuilder

Free CDN


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Best Seller

Face Extra

Designed for expanding projects

20 GB Web Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

Multiple Domains Hosted

Free Let's Encrypt SSLs

Free Daily Backup

Free SSH

SEO Boost

+All the features of Face Standard


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Face Ultima

Committed to serious business sites

30 GB Web Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

Multiple Domains Hosted

Free Let's Encrypt SSLs

Free Daily Backups

Premium Support

Free Merchant Account

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About Loaded Commerce

Loaded Commerce has come a long way since it first came out as an offspring of the osCommerce shopping cart software. Making use of some of the key features in osCommerce, those that were reviewed as helpful and efficient, it made a huge leap in the right direction. Aside from this, it also incorporated much more additional features thus going it way ahead than its predecessor. The shopping cart software has earned a reputation of being stable and very user-friendly for both small and medium scale online businesses. What makes Loaded Commerce extremely efficient is the fact that it has been developed by countless developers all over the world which is like thousands of ideas and experiences in using shopping cart software put together.

About our technology

WebHostFace premium Loaded Commerce hosting packages are designed to provide your customers with solid browsing and shopping experience. Every level – from server hardware to software installations and account technology is oriented towards speedy performance and delivery. In-house modifications to the Kernel and cap on shared resources ensure that the products you offer reach visitors online faster, so you can sell more and raise your profits. Our custom server setup is adapted to the Loaded Commerce application specifics in order to get the best out of your shopping cart and gain reputation to increase success. Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and cachers further increase your web store productivity.

About customer protection

As you know, the majority of people buy exclusively from reputable and secure stores, that is why it is crucial to prove to your visitors that you care about their protection and trust. With our impenetrable framework, which isolates each user account in a separate cell, create a bulletproof environment even on a shared platform. The whole server is protected by a layer of firewall, with brute force prevention and additional security implementations. All software used on the server and within your hosting account is constantly monitored and updated regularly to latest version with all security patches. Secure Socket Layer encrypts all data transmitted between your customers and your shop, including personal and sensitive information, to give your clients a peace of mind.

About essential features

WebHostFace Loaded Commerce hosting is tailored especially for optimal e-commerce results. All features included in the package are carefully selected to give you multiple opportunities to build, manage, maintain and promote your site right away, so that you can get in business and start earning. You can install Loaded Commerce with just a click through a convenient auto installer or transfer via easy-to-use File Manager or FTP client of your choice. Handle important information about your clients and sales with database controls and create unlimited email addresses with your domain for your employees and departments. Additional free tools for search engine optimization can help you put your site on Google and attract even more visitors. Different types of gadgets give you detailed statistics information on what is the most popular item or page, as well as what type of visitors does your site attract the most, which can help you build a successful advertising.

About our support teams

When you handle your business, it is important to rely on a team of professionals, who can respond to your inquiries quickly and efficiently. Our backend and front end support teams are divided into departments to optimize their work and provide you with competent assistance regardless of what type of question you might have. WebHostFace supervisors carefully select each team member on basis of skills and abilities. Support and customer care teams undergo specialized technical trainings and are schooled in how to handle customers in the most attentive and capable ways. Server administrators, advanced technical representatives and are available on shift 24/7/365, so you can contact them at any time convenient for you.

About additional perks

Whether this is your first or tenth website, it is always useful to learn more about the Loaded Commerce application and its optimization. Find all you need to know in one place and save time to browse through the net for various sources. Our extensive and coherent knowledge base will provide you with step-by-step guides and tutorials to perform easy or advanced tasks on Loaded Commerce. Additional tips and tricks for increasing the progress of your online business are included in our intelligible tutorial section. Integrate our in-house designed free giveaway features to compliment the unique look of your Loaded Commerce store.


When can I start my Loaded Commerce website?

The faster you begin building your site, the sooner you can start increasing revenues. Once your account is setup, you can install Loaded Commerce right away and get to selling your product.

How to move my Loaded Commerce site from another host to you?

You can easily transfer your Loaded Commerce to us via FTP or File Manager and a convenient database panel. Even better, you can request your site to be transferred by our own technical specialists.

For what type of business can I use Loaded Commerce?

Anything you need to sell, you can sell via our Loaded Commerce Hosting. Your items might be anything from physical product to a digital one or a service. You can select any of the multiple Loaded Commerce templates available online to better fit your goals.

What themes and plugins can I install on my Loaded Commerce website?

You can install any theme or plugin compatible with the version of your Loaded Commerce template on your Loaded Commerce hosting account. We strongly advise that you only download and install plugins and templates from reliable sources to secure the performance and protection of your store.

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