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Get rid of all the annoying renewal fees!
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From a simple personal blog to a successful online business, we have the perfect hosting solution

Face Standard

Perfect for starters

15 GB Web Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs
R1Soft Daily Backup
SSD-Powered Servers
Weebly Sitebuilder
McAfee Secure
Free CDN


Lifetime one time fee

Best Seller

Face Extra

Designed for expanding projects

20 GB Web Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs
R1Soft Daily Backup
Multiple Websites Hosted
Free SSH
SEO Boost
+All the features of Face Standard


Lifetime one time fee

Face Ultima

Committed to serious business sites

30 GB Web Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs
Free Private SSL
SiteLock Secure
Premium Support
Free Merchant Account
+All the features of Face Extra


Lifetime one time fee


Entrusting WebHostFace with your website you may feel secure about its future! Your commitment to us will help us invest in hardware and infrastructure that will offer a flawless eternal accommodation for your online projects!

Tired of paying renewal fees?

Benefit from our limited time offer and get an account that will be active forever! You get:

The Features of a Regular Hosting Plan

Constant Expert Technical Support

Top-Notch Hardware for Utmost Speed

No Hidden Charges and 30 Days Money-back Guarantee

Lifetime hosting

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lifetime hosting


Why should I get a Lifetime deal?

If you have used hosting services throughout the years you have probably noticed that it is a common practice for hosts to offer lower promotional prices when you get the service and then renew your account at regular rates. This can be a good solution for start-ups as they have a tight budget at the beginning but what happens if your project does not develop with the desired pace or your host decides to increase the hosting fees? The one-time investment you make with us guarantees that your account will never expire and you can use it for life for just a fraction of the expenses you would have on a regular hosting plan.

Won’t that eventually bankrupt you?

This is a limited time deal that we offer to our customers in order to give the company a chance to go even beyond the level of service we are currently providing. As people who have worked in the hosting industry for years, we know that if you want to offer quality you should always stay current. With the vast development of the technological world we would like to offer even more enhancements and opportunities to our customers and who can be a better investor than the users themselves? This way you become a beneficiary of your own investment and even more – you benefit for life!

How do I know that you are not closing in several months?

We have decided that this is an appropriate way to forfend our future projects at the present moment. We have a well built and secure business plan and within just a few months our revenue will cover all those needs and we will have everything needed to continue implementing new and exciting features and extras for our clients and achieve even greater results.

Will my account be hosted on a lower end environment?

By signing up for our LifeTime hosting you will be given the exact same hosting package that we offer with all of its features and the same fast and competent support we deliver to all of our clients. The only difference is that they will have to pay each month or year to keep their account live, and you – you will have to make just a single one-time payment and forget about the annoying renewal fees.