How to set Email Filters in cPanel?

You might have noticed that in your cPanel, you have two options – Email Filters and Global Email Filters. Global Email Filters will set filters for all the email accounts in your cPanel. We strongly recommend that you set your filters per email account.

With this option, you can filter messages according to a certain word or phrase. To get started, log in your cPanel and go to option Email Filters

email filters

Filter name and rules

Select the Manage option next to the email you wish to set up and click on Create New Filter. Type the name of the filter (so you can easily find it afterward).

email filters

You have the options to filter emails by a word or phrase, included in the subject, sender email,  or any of the other options provided.

email filters

Furthermore, you can also filter all messages flagged by Apache SpamAssassin. To do that, you need to set the rule as follows:

email filters

For more efficient handling of your emails, we recommend using multiple simple filters, instead of one large filter. Moreover, this will make it easier if you need to troubleshoot email delivery.

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Filter actions

Finally, you can determine what actions should be performed with these filters.

email filters

Discard message – the messages will be deleted based on the rules you have created.

Redirect to Email – automatically forward the messages which meet the criteria to another email address

Fail With Message – send a message to the recipients of the rejected emails

Stop Processing Rules – you can exclude certain rules for an email

Deliver to Folder – you can set emails to go directly to a certain folder

Pipe to a Program – provided that you have a program which performs certain actions with the emails, you can deliver them to that program

If you are a customer of WebHostFace and you have any questions about setting up an email filter, feel free to contact our customer care!

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