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Webmail access included with each mail hosting account

Unlimited email accounts with your domains

Light webmail and support of all email clients

Easy and efficient management of mailboxes

Fast and reliable delivery for your emails

Secured and encrypted emails and data

Sturdy and redundant network connectivity

Affordable hosting plans and flexibility

One-click newsletter software installation

Professional 24/7 support and customer care

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Opera Mail




From a simple personal blog to a successful online business, we have the perfect hosting solution

Face Standard

Perfect for starters

15 GB Web Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

One Domain Hosted

Free Let's Encrypt SSLs

Free Daily Backup

SSD-Powered Servers

Weebly Sitebuilder

Free CDN


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Regular price $6.90/month

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Best Seller

Face Extra

Designed for expanding projects

20 GB Web Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

Multiple Domains Hosted

Free Let's Encrypt SSLs

Free Daily Backup

Free SSH

SEO Boost

+All the features of Face Standard


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Regular price $10.90/month

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Face Ultima

Committed to serious business sites

30 GB Web Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

Multiple Domains Hosted

Free Let's Encrypt SSLs

Free Daily Backups

Premium Support

Free Merchant Account

+All the features of Face Extra


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Regular price $19.90/month

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With WebHostFace Email hosting you can choose any Email client or the implemented webmail clients in your control panel. Whether you prefer licensed clients, such as Outlook, free ones, such as Thunderbird, or the mail on your mobile phone, our platform is flexible to give you multiple opportunities to receive, deliver and manage your emails with ease and communicate swiftly with your visitors. Alternatively, you can simply use web-based emails, which come with your hosting package absolutely free of charge. You can also adapt your domain-based email addresses to use with Google Mail (Gmail) and use it as a simple to use and convenient email client. Virtually any type of email tool is available and you are free to take your pick.

Our devoted technical teams, server administrators and data center experts have developed a cutting-edge system for the security of your emails. On server level your protection is insured by innovative CageFS modifications, which isolate each account on the server. Email over SSL/TLS (Transport Layer Security) with 2048-bit RSA shields the transfer of information between the server and the user’s computer. This way you are sending and receiving emails with a highest level of security encryption and you protect your transmitted files and data. Outer layer of firewall protects all email accounts against brute force of your passwords, while custom spam filters reinforces further your security.

Email hosting is located on lightning-fast network connectivity, which ensures speedy delivery of your and your customers’ emails. Further accelerators – always-up-to-date security patches and system versions further reinforce reliability and performance. Custom Kernel setup for faster completion of input/output requests and posed caps on resource usages and sizes lead to reduction of execution time for your Email requests. Should you need an operational email via your website, PHP modifications and SMTP allow you to manage your emails and easily reach your visitors through newsletters and contact forms.

On the premium WebHostFace platform you get all the features you need to manage emails. You can create unlimited number of email addresses with one or more domain names with individual username and password for your employees and departments in order to establish reputable email business. Each email address can be set for access via your office and personal computer and phone on POP or IMAP, as well as through a browser from any device and location. You can install an automatic email marketing software with just a click and no additional setup, as well as create cron jobs Daily backups are performed for the additional protection of all your files and your peace of mind.

Each member of our support team is selected through a careful process and undergoes a special technical and customer care training. The WebHostFace advanced technicians have extensive experience in the hosting industry and various other IT fields, where they have proven themselves to be accomplished professionals. Our customer care team are competent in not only troubleshooting common inquiries, but also in how to handle clients in an efficient and attentive manner. Combining expertise and consideration insure immaculate customer experience and highest level of productivity.



How can I use my emails?

You can send, receive and manage your email correspondence any way you need: through your phone, through browser or via a program (email client) installed on your computer with our Email hosting.

Can I use Google for my emails?

Absolutely. You can use Google mail (Gmail) as a simple client and send and receive emails through their software. If you have Google Apps account, you can also easily host your emails on the Google server.

Can I forward my email hosted with you?

You can use multiple forwarders to redirect messages to an alternative mailbox. If you need help, simply contact our support team, available 24/7 and a representative will be happy to guide you.

Can I use external email server for domain hosted with you?

If you need to avail external email service, you are welcome to do so with a modification of so-called MX records. If you need any help with that, simply contact us and we will gladly assist you.