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Your blog hosting pack gives you everything you need for a fast and sturdy online presence: plenty of space and traffic, convenient cPanel, through which to manage files and tools to easily backup, restore and upgrade your website. We also help you to put your site on the Google radar and index it better to attract more visitors. With additional security tools, you can set and change passwords and permissions or create separate FTP log-in accounts for your developers during site production.

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99.9% UPTIME


Everyone who has dealt with hosting knows the importance of good support. At WebHostFace we have divided this high responsibility between four departments – customer care for all common inquiries, advanced technical staff, system administration and sales team. This work optimization results in faster resolution of customer questions and hosting-related matters. Each and every one of our support and technical team undergo a specialized training, conducted by people with long-standing experience in various hosting companies. We carefully select our new team members and interns, so that they can grow to be devoted and skillful representatives of our family.


Our extensive experience with hosting has proven that sound hardware and advanced software, although crucial, are not enough to provide the optimal quality service we strive for. After extensive research, development and production, our exceptional technical experts have integrated custom modifications, built with exclusive attention to latest trends in technology and user requirements. Basic functions are made easier to manage and enriched with additional in-house built innovations: from application installations, activating an deactivating modules, changing php versions, monitoring statistics to major server implementations for stable and smooth performance of virtually any online venture.


WebHostFace supports over three hundred free open source scripts and multiple blogging tools. Our customers host comfortably not only the most popular blog applications like WordPress, Nucleus or b2evolution, but a huge number of other rare scripts. The majority of them can be installed with literary two clicks from Softaculous – a convenient auto-installer implemented in the cPanel of each and every one of our hosting solutions. What is more, each time a new version of a script is released, a notification is sent, so that you can always keep your software secure and up-to-date. WebHostFace does not simply stop at supporting open source. Our technicians develop modules, plugins, patches and templates for most popular applications not only as a contribution to the open source, but also in order to accumulate detailed knowledge in the specifics of each script.


Can I move my blog from another host to you?

Absolutely. We can guide you on how to transfer your site data or better yet – save you the trouble and move your website for you!

Do you have unlimited shared hosting?

Shared hosting means that you share server recourses with other users on the machine. All servers have a certain capacity and limit, which means that it is physically impossible for hosting to be unlimited.

How long does it take to open an account?

The signing up process is an easy step-by-step process and it takes no more than just a couple of minutes. The activation itself might take anywhere from seconds to up to one business day. After you sign up, we will contact you via email or phone to update you about the status of your account activation.

What resources can I use?

To assure the smooth operation of your account, you have certain fixed and flexible maximums. Your guaranteed storage depends on the plan you have selected. Other values, such as RAM and bandwidth can be used freely as long as they do not interfere with the performance of the overall server and the users on it.