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Why get AjaXplorer Hosting?

AjaXplorer installation

Save time and effort with a one-click automatic 4images installation. With no manual set-up, you can upload a default page and start building your site right away!

Regular AjaXplorer updates

Turn on automatic updates or get reminders and ensure the security of your site with fast and easy updates of your AjaXplorer (Pydio) application.

AjaXplorer security

Rely on advanced security infrastructure and latest 4images patches for a fully protected AjaXplorer (Pydio) site.

AjaXplorer speed

Enjoy a brisk, speedy performance produced by cutting edge technology accelerators and cachers.

AjaXplorer transfer

Get your already-built website transferred smoothly by seasoned professionals without losing a single second of uptime

AjaXplorer hosting support

Contact our technical experts and attentive customer care, who will answer all your questions every hour of every day of the week.


Face Standard

Perfect for starters

15 GB Web Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

One Domain Hosted

Free Let's Encrypt SSLs

Free Daily Backup

SSD-Powered Servers

Weebly Sitebuilder

Free CDN


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Regular price $6.90/month

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Best Seller

Face Extra

Designed for expanding projects

20 GB Web Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

Multiple Domains Hosted

Free Let's Encrypt SSLs

Free Daily Backup

Free SSH

SEO Boost

+All the features of Face Standard


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Regular price $10.90/month

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Face Ultima

Committed to serious business sites

30 GB Web Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

Multiple Domains Hosted

Free Let's Encrypt SSLs

Free Daily Backups

Premium Support

Free Merchant Account

+All the features of Face Extra


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Regular price $19.90/month

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AjaXplorer (Pydio) helps you turn your web server into a powerful file management system : install once and access your files from anywhere. Organize, preview and share them, easily and securely.

Because AjaXplorer (Pydio) is one of the most popular applications used today, we have worked on implementing AjaXplorer (Pydio)-friendly settings and software which get the best performance out of your website. Our advanced technical teams undergo specialized training reaching to the depths of the application, its features and debugging, which they apply to supporting tons of AjaXplorer (Pydio) users like you on a daily basis. Whether you start your first AjaXplorer (Pydio) site or your fiftieth, you can always lean on a professional helping hand.

Your AjaXplorer hosting pack gives you everything you need for a fast and sturdy online presence: plenty of space and traffic, convenient cPanel, through which to manage files and tools to easily backup, restore and upgrade your AjaXplorer (Pydio) version. We also help you to put your website on the Google radar and index it better to attract more visitors. With additional security tools, you can set and change passwords and permissions or create separate FTP log-in accounts for your developers during site production.

Anyone from absolute beginner to experienced professional can benefit from our wide selection of AjaXplorer (Pydio) guides and articles. Written in a collaboration between our advanced experts and customer care representatives, our Knowledge base and tutorials are extensive and comprehensible for people of all technical levels. Save time and hassle in browsing through the net for various questions and find all the answers in one place. In addition, you can also find various free goodies to help you customize your online project.


For what type of site can I use AjaXplorer (Pydio)?

Thanks to its flexibility and various extension, you can use AjaXplorer for virtually any type of site: from a business-card type of page to a profitable online store.

What AjaXplorer (Pydio) version can I install?

By default you can install the latest stable AjaXplorer version with just a click through a convenient auto-installer implemented in your account. You can manually install any other version you might want or contact our AjaXplorer experts and they can install it for you.

Can I move my AjaXplorer (Pydio) site from another host to you?

Absolutely. We can guide you on how to transfer your site data or better yet – save you the trouble and move your website for you!

What templates and components can I use?

Any template, component or plugin, which is compatible with your AjaXplorer (Pydio) core installation can be added at any time to your website.

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