What is HTTP Error 503

We will discuss the Error 503 which is shown on some websites from time to time. The 503 Error is actually an HTTP Status Code, indicating that the server cannot handle the request made to it.

Why do I see Error 503?

The Error is most commonly displayed due to occasions, indicating that the server cannot compute an adequate response at the moment.

This means one of the following:

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  • The server is overloaded at the moment, i.e. a resource is at its limit (RAM, CPU)
  • There are many requests to the server and it cannot handle any more
  • The account’s inode quota is exceeded (on Shared Servers)

How to fix http error 503?

You should check for any reasons which might be causing any of the above-mentioned issues, making sure that

  • Your RAM or CPU limits are not reached
  • There aren’t more than the allowed connections established to your server
  • Your Disk and inode quotas are okay

FIX: Most of the shared hosting accounts have cPanel, a control panel that allows you to manage and monitor important aspects of your hosting account. You can check the Simultaneous processes being handled by your account and check the statistics that are displayed under the Statistics area. Furthermore, you can contact the support team of your hosting provider to check the resource consumption in detail.

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