Sugar CRM vs vTiger – comparison

We have made sure that our clients will be able to get started with the chosen CRM solution as easily and quickly as possible. The installation of both applications can be performed through the Softaculous auto-install tool in our cPanel.

When it comes to choosing between Sugar CRM and vTiger it all comes down to your specific needs. Sugar is a more heavy application with advanced functionality used mainly by larger businesses. vTiger is lighter, loads faster and is easier to upgrade because it is less complicated. Being extremely easy to use is perhaps one of the most important advantages of vTiger CRM. On the other hand, SugarCRM is very customizable to compensate for that.

Home and Dashboard

Provides information on calls, meetings, campaigns, tasks, cases, ect. The Dashlets/widgets can be re-arranged, edited and managed on a drag and drop basis. The Dashboard also displays a statistical and graphical review of the categories themselves, summarized information on current and upcoming tasks as well as tags and additional applications in forms of widgets.


You will be able to separately manage your tasks, contacts, campaigns, products, support, projects, mails, accounts.


SugarCRM has an admin page for in depth settings and application settings. vTiger has a “Settings” button through which all in-depth changes are applied.

Client management

In Sugar CRM the client management in primarily through contacts, scheduled calls and meetings. It does not provide direct management of products and clients. It is primarily based on internal company and staff relations. As well as business opportunities, goals and cases.
vTiger allows you to manage products, prices, vendors, sales orders, price books and invoices through a separate Inventory category in the header.

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Staff management

Sugar CRM is optimized for staff management. If offers detailed information for each separate staff member. In-depth role management, and task assignment. All projects and campaigns can be assigned to a specific member, which has a specific role.
vTiger offers role assignment to each new user and a strictly defined hierarchy, each user can be a member of a group, to which tasks, campaigns and projects can be assigned. The application also provides an „Audit Trails“ option which can display data operations performed by users and a login history.


You can choose to whom to assign the campaign, what needs to be achieved, how to accomplish it, whether there are any sponsors, budget, expected revenue. Trace the status and outcome. vTiger offers more freedom, considering the larger number of campaign types, however the Sugar Campaign Manager is a bit more user friendly.


Each lead can be categorized, assigned and has its own status which can be changed and monitored. vTiger presents more lead statuses and categories, and has a more detailed description.


Sugar provides a separate category for opportunities, which can be for a new or existing business. Each opportunity can include a campaign, lead, sales status and be assigned to a user or a group. vTiger uses a“ Potentials“ option.


Sugar has a separate direct option in the Campaigns section. vTiger does not have a separate newsletter management tool in their free solution.

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