Setting up WebDav for Pimcore

In order to access your Pimcore installation through WebDav, a few easy steps should be followed to complete the setup:

  • A vhost for WebDav access needs to be set up and targeted at your Pimcore.

*E.g.: use subdomain for Dav access and configure your Pimcore vhost to accept all subdomains of by adding the server alias

<VirtualHost *:443>
ServerAlias *

cPanel Hosting from WebhostFace

*Note: This has to be a separate (sub)domain for WebDav access from a Windows client! It is also absolutely recommended to use WebDav only through a HTTPS connection!

  • The WebDav host needs to be added to the Pimcore’s system configuration ( Settings/System -> Assets, Hostname for WebDav ).

*E.g.: add as a host name for WebDav

  • Connect to Pimcore with any available Pimcore user using WebDav.

*Note: as of Pimcore 1.4.10 it’s possible to use WebDav for all users not only admins, try connecting to with a username and password of an existing user.

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