How to manage my PrestaShop currency?

Managing your PrestaShop currency is an important aspect of running an online shop. In this extremely connected world it is perfectly normal to have international buyers who will use a different currency than your own.

Adding and enabling currencies in PrestaShop

There are two ways of adding currencies in PrestaShop:

  • The first one is to import a whole country localization pack which will include currencies, languages, etc. of the chosen country. Go to your PrestaShop admin panel -> Localization -> Import a localization pack tab -> choose the desired country from the Localization pack you want to import drop-down menu and press Import. This will also automatically enable the currency.

Importing a country localization pack in PrestaShop

*Note: you can import only the currency of a country by un/selecting the appropriate check boxes.

  • The second way is to add the currency directly. Go to your PrestaShop admin panel -> Localization -> Currencies sub-menu and press the plus sign in the top right corner.

Add new PrestaShop currency

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  • Fill in the required fields, click to enable the currency and press Save. The currency name is of your choosing, you can find the 2 ISO codes in Wikipedia. The exchange rate is usually calculated automatically but you can enter one that you like also.

Add new PrestaShop currency fields

*Here is an example of the filled fields:

Euro PrestaShop currency example


Setting your default PrestaShop currency

  • Your default currency is the one which you will be setting your product prices in and all other currencies will be converted from it.
  • You can’t change your default PrestaShop currency if you have only one currency enabled.
  • To change your default currency go to your PrestaShop admin panel -> Localization -> Configuration tab -> choose the desired currency from the Default currency drop-down menu and press Save.

Setting your default PrestaShop currency