How to install Artisan Laravel commands

You’ve probably already heard about the Artisan command line tool since you’re started getting into the Laravel Framework.

You can notice in the directory of every Laravel installation a file called artisan. This is a powerful tool which can optimize your work with this powerful new framework.

To make usage of this powerful tool you’ll have to have SSH installed. Here are a few articles about the SSH setup

You can create new controllers automatically only with one command:

$ php artisan controller:make PostController

You can also inspect the way routes are set and functioning on your application:

$ php artisan routes

You can even add third-party artisan commands.

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Let us introduce you to a powerful set of third-party commands – JeffreyWay’s Laravel 4 Generators.

Here’s a link to GitHub:

You can easily guess what their functionality is from their names:


There are installation instructions in the GitHub Readme and a video tutorial from the creator:

You can also contact WebHostFace to have your SSH turned on and see for yourself how Artisan may help you being more productive with Laravel!

There’s even a Sublime Text plugin for Jeffrey’s commands. 🙂

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