How to create a blog?

Blogging is a great way to not only express your opinions, but also to meet new people with similar interests, start interesting discussions, even win money and fame. In many fields today bloggers have become as influential as journalists and sometimes – even more popular.

What is a blog?

Basically, that is a frequently updated online journal of any subject, for personal or business purposes. It is a short form of the word “weblog” and it is exactly that – a systematic log kept online. It consists of blog posts, often organized in categories and combined with images, videos, music or other media.

How to start your blog?

First, think of your main topic, the thing that you’re going to be blogging about. It can be something you like, for instance fashion, cooking, gaming, films, lifestyle, music, etc. Some of the most interesting personal blogs I’ve come across are about a project – fixing a car, building a treehouse or assembling furniture. Another type of personal blog can contain reviews of products or services. Of course, if you want to start a blog to promote your company, the main focus of your posts should be related to your business. The possibilities are endless, but try to think of something you will enjoy writing about for the long run.

Next, think of a name, which will make your blog stand out and reflect the topic you have chosen. Consider one shorter, easy-to-remember name for the url and a loner title. Make sure that both your name and title are unique – you don’t want to be confused with another blogger or have to deal with intellectual rights complications. Think of your name as your own trademark – people will associate you and your blog with it.

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Compile a list of keywords, which will help the visibility of your blog site. Popular blogs always have keywords which get them higher positions in Google. You can check tools like to help you find your keywords. But be careful: Google only considers them if they are included naturally. If you overuse the same keywords, search engines might penalize you, not to mention your text will be unpalatable to your readers.

Decide where your blog will be created or hosted. If you are just experimenting, you might want to start with a free blogging service like (formerly know as Blogspot) or All you have to do is register and you can start by exploring their options.

If you are considering a more professional-looking blog or you plan to create one for your company, you can register a unique domain name and get a hosting account. Domain is the name, which is going to be displayed in the URL of the browser – your trademark. With free blogs, your address looks something like this: or On an independent account with unique domain, your blog’s url will be something like Also, on a paid account, you will have a lot more freedom and features than on a free blogging site. Most of the best blogs on the Internet have a domain and are hosted on a fully-featured hosting account.

At WebHostFace we provide you with a free domain name upon sign up and the option to create unlimited email addresses with this domain so that you can expand your brand and become a professional blogger. You can also install an-easy-to-use blogging software like WordPress with just a click and start creating your your one-of-a-kind project.

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