How To Clear Browser Cache

In this article, we’ll quickly go over how to clear your cache when using Chrome or Firefox browsers.

What is Cache and How do You Use It?

When you visit a website you actually download resources from the internet. This process can sometimes be slow, in addition, you’re also using server resources like Bandwidth. The process of opening a web page can be sped up by caching resources locally.

For example, say that you visit the site


The gallery of your website can have images that are huge and will take extra time to download locally. Say that you go do some work on another page and then come back to your gallery to check another image. This will cause your browser to download those files again, thus further expending resources and making your experience slower.

Caching allows you to bypass this secondary download by actually keeping the initially downloaded images locally, on your computer.

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Why Clear your Browser’s Cache?

When working on websites and making changes, for example in a WordPress dashboard, you want to check the changes that you did instantly after making them.

If you have opened and stored a cache page, making a change through the dashboard might not be reflected in your browser instantly. In this case, you need to delete your cache, after which the change should be visible.

Deleting Cache in Chrome browser

  1. Open your Chrome’s Settings (the 3 dots on the top rightChrome Settings Icon
  2. Navigate to History -> History (Ctrl + H)
  3. Click on Clear Browsing Data on the top left
  4. Select which settings you wish to have deleted

Chrome's History Settings

Chrome Clear Settings

Deleting Cache in Firefox browser

  1. Click on the Firefox Settings Burger Menu – 3 Horizontal Lines on the top right  Firefox Menu
  2. Click on Preferences to bring up the options
  3. Click on Privacy & Security on the left
  4. At the Cookies and Site Data click on Clear Data

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