How to change my PrestaShop main domain?

Prestshop is one of the domain-dependent applications, which only work with a specific domain name. If you are planning on changing the main domain of your Prestashop online store there are certain things you have to reconfigure. There are two ways of managing these settings depending on whether or not you have access to your Prestashop administration panel.

If you haven’t moved your installation to a new folder or changed the domain for where your online store is located, that means that you still have access to your Prestashop back-end and can quickly and easily change your Site Domain from there:

  • Log into your Prestashop admin panel, choose Preferences -> SEO & URLs from the sidebar menu.

PrestaShop SEO & URLs

  • Scroll to the Set Shop URL section and change the values of Shop domain and SSL domain fields with the new ones. E.g: change to if you are going to configure your domain to always open with www.

Set Shop URL PrestaShop

cPanel Hosting from WebhostFace
  • After that you can go ahead and move your online store to a new folder, change the domain of the current folder or set redirects so that your shop can open correctly with the new domain.

If you have already moved the website or changed the domain however, you won’t be able to access your Prestashop admin panel. That means that you should change the PS_SHOP_DOMAIN and PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL options in your Prestashop database. To do that follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Log into your cPanel with WebHostFace and click on the phpMyAdmin icon in the Databases section.

Access PhpMyAdmin cPanel

  • Open your Prestashop database (it is usually username_presXXX, where username is your cPanel username and XXX – some digits), open the configuration table and find the PS_SHOP_DOMAIN and PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL records.

Prestashop domain change in database

  • Double-click on the Value fields of the two records to change your Prestashop’s primary domain and you are all set.

*Note: The Prestashop installation must be located into a folder which corresponds to the same domain listed in the Set Shop URL fields or the shop’s database records in order for it work properly.