Use Quick Connection to connect to FTP with FileZilla on Windows

If you wish to connect to your cPanel account via FTP on your Windows computer using FileZilla you have two options

  • Quick Connection
  • Site Manager

We will cover Quick Connection in this article.

We recommend using Site Manager instead, you can see how to use it from our article about Use Site Manager to connect to FTP with FileZilla on Windows

Whether you use Quick Connect or Site Manager – use FTP FileZilla Passive Mode for your connections. You can see how to turn it on in FileZilla from our article: Windows FTP – FileZilla – Passive Mode

FileZilla FTP on Windows – How to Connect?

1. In both cases, you will your FTP details. If you’re not sure what they are you can see our article on the matter from here.

2. Open your FileZilla FTP client

3. Enter your FTP details on the top

We’ll use

cPanel Hosting from WebhostFace

Password: cPanel account’s password
Port: 21
Directory: /

*Note: We can omit the Directory in some FTP clients


*Note: In some cases, you might need to approve the Server’s SSL certificate when making a secure connection. If you see the following Window, press OK.


You should now be connected!


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