WindowsFTP – Cyberduck- Upload Files

If you wish to use Cyberduck to upload files to your cPanel you can easily do that. In this article, we’ll upload a WordPress archive to our cPanel account.

Before We Begin

If you’re going to be uploading your website’s files you need to know where exactly to upload them. You can read our article on finding that out from here – Domain¬†Document Root.

In our example, we’ll upload the files of a website.

Connect to cPanel using Cyberduck

There are two ways to connect to your cPanel account when using Cyberduck, you can see how from the articles below:

Uploading files using Cyberduck on Windows

1. After you have accessed your cPanel account you should be able to see all of your Directories and Files.


2. You can specify which files you want to upload by navigating to

cPanel Hosting from WebhostFace

File -> Upload (Alt + Up by default)

3. Alternatively you can also do that by click the Right Mouse Button -> Upload

4. We’ll be uploading a compressed WordPress in our public_html directory. This is the directory that corresponds to our cPanel account’s primary domain. If you want to see where you should upload your archived content for a specific site you can read our article on the matter.

5. You might receive a warning about your connection not being secure. You can click on Continue to ignore the warning.

6. At the end you should be able to see that your upload was successful!

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