Windows FTP – Cyberduck – Bookmark

When using Cyberduck to connect to your cPanel account via FTP you have two options

  • Quick Connect
  • Bookmark a Connection

In this article, we’ll show how to create a Bookmark and we recommend using this method over Quick Connect. If you’re still interested in using Quick Connect you can read more from our article.

What is a Bookmark in Cyberduck?

A Bookmark in Cyberduck represents a saved connection that you’ve already made and that can be re-used. This means that once you’ve connected to your cPanel once you don’t need to remember your settings, just to save them for future usage.

Creating a Bookmark in Cyberduck

1. Before we being we’ll need to know our FTP details. If you’re not sure what they are you can take a look at our article from here.

2. Open the Bookmarks tab on your Cyberduck and click on the + sign at the bottom left to create a new Bookmark

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Cyberduck Bookmark Create

3. Enter your FTP details, from our article we’ve taken the following:

Nickname: The name of your Bookmark
Port: 21
Username: example
Password: cPanel account’s password
Path: /

Cyberduck Bookmark Details

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