WebHostFace Protection and Detection – Premium malware scanning tool

We at WebHostFace take security very seriously. Last few weeks we were testing our own Premiums malware scanning tool – WebHostFace Protection and Detection. In this Knowledge base article we will show you how to enable it from your hosting account here with us.

WebHostFace Protection and Detection – Premium malware scanning tool

What it is?

The Protection and Detection is a custom tool that detects infected files for a specific website in your cPanel account.

It appears under the Security section of cPanel

cPanel security section

How can I benefit from this?

Many websites written in PHP are vulnerable to exploits. This includes WordPress sites as well.

The tool will provide relief from having to worry about scanning and monitoring your website’s files or being notified by your Google Search Console account that there’s an issue.

If malware is present in your account we will be notified automatically about the issue and can provide guidance on how to proceed.

How does it compare to other scanners?

As a hosting provider, we’re aware that many of our customers’ sites are being exploited. We’ve been contacted multiple times on this occasion and decided to implement a security scanner.

There are other scanners available, like the cPanel default scanner or some plugins for WordPress sites. So – what’s different here?

Our Protection and Detection tool will run with customized malware databases. We’ve tested the tool with over 1000 infected sites, ranging from WordPress to Laravel and custom written in PHP ones, to make sure that any malware present in the account will be detected.

The tool that you can have does NOT use your cPanel account’s resources – it uses server resources to run and scan your account. If you use a plugin like WordFence to scan your account you might find your cPanel account hitting its limits in regards to CPU or I/O. This can cause downtime to your site or other sites that you host in your account. The tool ensures NO downtime experienced due to resource limits.

Our team will be automatically notified if there are infected files present in your cPanel account. In this case, we can provide further guidance on what can be done and insight about how your site was exploited. This will help to fix the issue permanently.

In summary:

  • Custom Malware Database – Guaranteed Malware Detection
  • Does not use your cPanel account’s resources
  • Automatic Notifications once per week

Alright, how does it work?

You get the tool enabled on a per-domain basis. This means that you can have it enabled for each of your websites. You can get your tool from your Client Area.

Once you have it enabled it will appear under the Extras section in your Client Area

Client Area -> My Account -> (Hosting Package) -> Extras

cPanel Hosting from WebhostFace

WebHostFace My Account section

WebHostFace Extras section


Then, the tool will be visible in your cPanel account. It’s named WebHostFace Protection and Detection and available under the Security section.

Accessing it lists all scans for your domains. If you just got your tool you can wait until the next time it runs (usually Sunday) or just contact us so that we can run it for your account.

WebHostFace Malware Scanner

You can then select the most recent scan for your account and then click on “View Scan File” to show all contents of the scan.

The best outcome is to not have any malware files present in your cPanel account. If so you’ll see

WebHostFace Malware Scanner Results

If malware was detected in your account you’ll see all infected files listed as well as information on what type of exploit it is.

WebHostFace Malware Scanner Results with infected files

Final Words

Security is one of the most important aspects of any online project nowadays. It also plays an important role in the services that you use online.

As a web hosting provider, we need to guarantee a secure and stable environment for our customers to host their projects. Many of our members have contacted us with inquiries about the security of their websites.

This is why this tool has been implemented and customized so that it allows both the members and us, as a hosting provider, to have an additional layer of safety.

We run scans every month to ensure that the servers are free from Malware. With this tool, the scans become automated for the members and allow us to have more insight on when their projects need attention in regards to security.

The guidance that you can have allows for us to detect where the issue is coming from – a file uploaded through a plugin, or a form submission on your site. Some forms that are being spammed by bots and so on.

Additionally, we might include something extra for those that decide to opt for getting the tool for their security needs. It’s nothing major in terms to set up but it offers a lot for securing your site. This “extra” is usually better considered when your site hasn’t been exploited in the past. What it is? Well, we’ll keep it a secret for now 🙂