What is php.ini?

Php.ini is one of the essential configuration files in PHP. When PHP starts, this is the file it looks for first so any functionality changes will be read from it. Some of the more important settings that are implemented in this file are – upload directory, display errors, log errors, max upload size, max time for execution etc. This enables easy administration in the way you administer the Apache web server.

For UNIX installations, the default path for the configuration file should be located in /usr/local/lib/php/ 

If you cannot find your php.ini file you can easily create one yourself. Simply get a template with the standard configuration and apply the needed changes in it.

Some things to look for – keys in the file are case-sensitive, keyword values are not, spaces and lines starting with a semicolon are ignored.

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For full documentation of the php.ini file you can check the PHP official site.

If you have troubles locating or editing your configuration file you can contact us 24/7 in our Live Chat where our friendly operators will help you out with the changes.