What Is My Domain’s Document Root?

A domain’s Document Root is the directory on the server from where the website installation will be loaded when a request is made. In this article, we will cover the basic usage of the¬†Document Root directory and how to locate it on your hosting account.

To find out a domain’s Document Root you should first login to your cPanel account. If you’re not certain how to do that you can see how from our article here.

Primary Domain

You can see what your primary domain is from your cPanel’s General Information tab.

cpanel general info primary domain

A Primary Domain’s Document Root is the public_html folder.

cpanel file manager public_html

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Addon Domain

You can view an Addon Domain’s Document Root from the Addon Domains tool in your cPanel account.

cpanel addon domains

cpanel addon domain document root


As with Addon Domains you can view a Subdomain’s Document Root from the Subdomains tool



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