How to update your WordPress domain or URLs automatically

Most times, after installing a new SSL certificate for your domain, your WordPress website’s URL padlock might not be looking green in the browser. The reason behind that is that there are some elements on your site that are not “secure”. This would most likely mean that some of the images or other elements linked in your WordPress blog before installing the SSL certificate were linked with HTTP. You may also have changed your WordPress domain entirely and the images and other resources on your website won’t be showing at all as a result of that.

But no worries, there’s a pretty easy workaround for all that!

First, you would need to install a plugin called “Search & Replace”.

From Tools > Search & Replace click on the 2nd tab.

wordpress tools menu screenshot

Fill the fields like this:
Search for: http://
Replace with: https://

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Search Replace WordPress Plugin

Select all tables and click ‘Do Search & Replace’, then ‘Save changes to Dabase’.

Search Replace WordPress Plugin settings

You’re done! Your website’s padlock should be green now. To change your domain name just add the old domain in the ‘Search for’ field and your new¬†domain in the ‘Replace with’ field.

This method can be used to replace anything in the database and while extremely useful be careful when using it.

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