How to transfer an existing MySQL database?

After you have finished transferring your files, you need to transfer your existing MYSQL database. To do so, you need to create a new one within your account with us and then import the data from the existing database.

To create a new database, go to the cPanel of your WebHostFace account and navigate to MySQL Databases. First, create the database from the Create New Database option. Then, create the new user in the Add New User field. Do not forget to Add User To Database with ALL PRIVILEGES.

cPanel Hosting from WebhostFace

Next, you need to import the old database into the new one.
To do so, go to the cPanel > phpMyAdmin. Select the database you have just created from the list on the left and then click on the Import option in the toolbox on the top of the page. Upload the database backup from where you have saved it, wait until the upload is completed and you are all set!

*Note: Make sure you have done all the needed adjustments to your configuration file, so that it can work with the new database. You can find more on Joomla and WordPress configuration in our Knowledgebase.