How to transfer my domain away from Bluehost?

Before initiating the transfer of your domain name, please make sure that:

  • There are more than 15 days until the domain name’s expiration date.
  • The domain name was registered for the first time more than 60 days ago.
  • The domain name has extension that WebHostFace is able to register.

In order to transfer a domain away from Bluehost to us, you have to complete the following steps first:

  1. Log into your Bluehost Control Panel.
  2. Click the Domain Manager tab.
  3. Click the Domain name to highlight it. The right side will populate with different tabs.
  4. Unlock the domain on the LOCK tab.
  5. Turn off Privacy Protection on the PRIVACY tab if present.
  6. (OPTIONAL) Modify the name servers to point to the new name servers in the NAME SERVERS tab.*Note: Do not do this unless you have already moved your site to our servers because you won’t be able to edit the name server settings during the transfer process.
  7. Get the EPP/Authorization Code from the TRANSFER EPP tab.
  8. Make certain the contact info is up-to-date with the correct email address on the CONTACTS TAB, for Registrant, Admin, and Billing. The Admin contact receives the email with the EPP Code and about the transfer.

If all of the above prerequisites are met, then you can order a domain name transfer by:

Transfer your project to WebHostFace
  • Logging into your User Area.
  • Going to the Domains Tab.
  • Clicking the Transfers tab and enter your domain.
  • Afterwards you will be asked to enter your domain Authorization Key.

Once the domain name transfer is requested, you will shortly receive a confirmation email to approve the domain transfer.

You should approve the transfer in your Bluehost Control Panel once it’s all started properly. In the DOMAIN MANAGER, click the domain you are transferring to highlight it. Click the TRANSFER EPP tab and you will have two links IF it was started properly. One to approve and one to deny the transfer. If those links are not present, then most likely your privacy protection is not turned off. Check whether your domain privacy is off and contact us if the problem persists.